Improvised Madness - Spontaneous Theatrics

Ludus Ludius Improv Theatre peops have collated the tears of a mongoose and the splashes of a baby to make the wonders of the truly amazing.


As with most days it includes the spontaneous happenings of life. But when I think back we can highlight the fun of the days that have passed.


Nathan has written a fair few articles, watched some of the American's Thank God You're Here and got some kids to play silly-beggars in a classroom. Not to mention the weekend just gone where the collective of improvisers that are in the process for the upcoming Edinburgh Fringe production, 'Emblem', managed to get some tourists to play some form of cowboys and indians in Bute park and tell stories that interconnected all in the moment and spontaneous. With the lovely village of South America in the country of South Africa being flooded away whilst the people that survived the wolves rocketed to space. Great morals to the tales told too: One being don't believe what a voice in a book says (especially if a Doctor called Dr. Wotsis is your shrink).


Madness indeed. This madness will continue and we shall get to grand theatrical heights of the unknown too. Whilst the little improvisers (otherwise known as Ludus Ludius Youth) shall perform 'The Marathon'. The youth group shall be doing their thang sooner than the other afore mentioned production. On this note, if anyone has a venue that wants some comedy that is improvised then the youth group need an evening gig soon with a young audience. It'd be piloting their short-form show.


If you like improvisation in any of its forms then get in touch and see what is happening, by all means you know what we are up to at the moment now. Still plenty of future productions planned and we know you are the one that'd be perfect.


You know where we are, on here, online and on 98 - 99 fm. Perhaps not, although we did propose a radio show once.



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