One Note Missing (5) - '...a cosmic night of music, live art, performance & ritual...'

"One Note Missing..." is a performance event to mark the start of my artistic residency at Unit 61. The evening will include performances from a collection of artists I have gathered together from all over the planet; a rare, wild and eclectic group of performers, musicians, live artists, dancers, actors and poets. I am honoured to be in their company.' - Marina Sossi


[The following is not a definitive account of the One Note Missing evening, I've omitted some of the other performances and interactions I had with people in the interest of trying to provide for myself an account of Sibling Audition. The whole experience of One Note Missing has been floating around my head for the last month so I will, when I get the chance, produce a big write up the whole evening]

People start arriving to the studio around 6pm so I drift around and ask them to accompany me onto the balcony to share something with them, the track I improvised earlier in the week. We listen through split headphones in pairs, watch the view from the Studio's balcony and chat...

- 'Where do you live?'

- 'Chelsea.'

- 'Where's that from here?'

- 'It's...well, I can see that building from my house... sooo... I guess.....I DON'T KNOW!' Over there, somewhere?'

'I just realised I live in paradise; this view doesn't move me at all'

'Don't look at the sky line! God, all those buildings are awful, look at the sky!'

'Thanks for that. Can I share something with you?'


A young fellah in lederhosen offers a gift in exchange for the song. He has with him a leather pouch with several stones inside, each stone with it's own properties, their own origin in the earth and message. He offers to read my stones, like a tea leaves , scanning how they fall to ground and divining their hidden meaning. He tips the pouches' contents into his hand but seems to have lost something, turning the pouch inside out and checking the floor around us. One stone is missing, the stone that represents ancestry, family, connections to our past. I hold my tongue.

7'O Clock, we all gather to the sound or Marina's drum. She introduces the space, the people, and the artists who'll be sharing. I'm up first.

'Hello Ladys and Gentlemen, nice to meet you all, thank you for having me here Marina. There's been a few things knocking about my head since Marina introduced 'One Note Missing' to me, I've been wondering what to go ahead with and two things that happened to me on the way down here convinced me to got through with it. Firstly, after getting off the coach at Victoria Coach Station I had to immediately break up a fight; it was horrible, really violently brutal, thrown to the floor kicked in the face stuff. Turns out they were brothers. Secondly, I stuck the radio on and was told, I don't know if anyone else heard, that last Friday was national sibling day??'

Mumbles of 'Wasn't that a Facebook thing?', 'Oh, yeah, God, I heard about that, what a load of...'

'But come on its a nice idea, isn't it? Isn't it? To appreciate your brothers and sisters? Did any one get in touch with theirs...'

No one had.

'No, well, it not quite a bank holiday yet is it... Anyway, I haven't got a sibling...* so I'm takimg the opportunity to find one tonight...take someone home...not like that!...I will be auditioning for a new sibling tonight, it IS a competition so I just have to lay down some ground rules.. not punching, no kicking, no spitting, no Mum jokes (yet), I want a good clean fight

And the prize?... to recreate this photo.'


I ask an audience member to describe what they see in the photo.. .'A lady and two girls crying?' 'Not just any Lady, that's Catherine Zeta Jones, local girl for me, and two sisters who are utterly loosing it; that, that is a memory that will never be topped, an embarrassing photo that every potential boyfriend will get to see whether they like it or not, printed in sugar on a surprise birthday cake. This is what I'm after, someone to share these sorts of things with.... '. Could everyone who would like to audition to be my new sibling rise to your feet and make yourself known.' Almost all the room stand up. I'm well chuffed. A few smokers are hiding in the corner. I'm able to convince a few to put down their ciggs.

*In the last few hours before the audition I've gone through the intro and Paul was always present, but it's the beginning of the night and  I'm opening,  and my inner voice tells me it's not the time to drop Paul or the ideas of grief in here. In a way I'm glad I didn't, it meant the audience competed against each other for a prize they wanted and not for me, not to help me, to replace something I'd lost.

'The first quality I'll be looking for my new sibling is trust; there are gonna be secrets, loads of secrets, they'll be used as bargaining chips sometimes, but there'll always be the understanding and trust you give and have n a sibling. There's too many of you, so I'm gonna put my trust in you all that you'll play this first one honestly.'

Challenge One – Staring out competition

'I can't have my eyes on everyone in the room so in your pairs you'll have to be honest about who wins and who looses.' A very important challenge that halves the audience.

'Is that it? Am I out?! That's not fair!'.

Ah, well, there's life for you. Not fair. 

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