Parallel Lines Day 2: Cup of tea with NTW TEAM- What is TEAM?

If you are reading this then I am likely speaking to the converted about the benefits of joining NTW TEAM on the NTW Community, but just in case you didn't know here are a few key points about the opportunities available through TEAM!

TEAM are currently helping me to develop my skills through the Assistant Director role on Dirty Protest's 'Parallel Lines' (for more info on this process and a little on what to expect from this production please see 'Parallel Lines Day 1' blog post) but it's not too late to get involved in upcoming events! Make sure you have joined the NTW TEAM group for all the current information! 

My thoughts on TEAM so far- 

T: Teamwork/ Training/ Talent

E: Enthusiasm/ Energy/ Education/ Enriching/ Engaging

A: Arts/ Advocacy/ Accessible/ Advantageous 

M: Mentoring/ Maternal/ Making Friends (your ideas or a thesaurus appreciated!)


Join our communications team or perform in one of our shows – TEAM members get the opportunity to gain experience in every part of NTW. Many go on to work with us on future projects.


From spoken word nights to TEAM parties, TEAM members are encouraged to explore their own ideas and put them into practice with the support and guidance from NTW staff, Board members and fellow TEAM members.


Our TEAM Panel regularly meet with our Board members and staff and have a say in how NTW is run, from programming to our strategic plan. We also hold regular events where TEAM get the chance to give feedback on TEAM and NTW.


TEAM members get to see our shows before anyone else. Our socials give members the chance
to network with each other, NTW staff and cast members. We also often offer TEAM discount on tickets for NTW shows exclusively for TEAM members.



We run regular training sessions from leadership to creative writing. These are run by TEAM members, NTW staff or industry professionals. If there’s a session you feel we should be running then let us know.


We see this as an on-going relationship and we want you to continue developing and using the skills you’ve gained through TEAM.


So once you’re ready we’ll support you to run your own project, event or training session. It doesn’t have to be about theatre – as long as it gets people involved in the arts, can involve a range of people or helps others develop skills we’d like to hear from you.


With over 700 members TEAM is an international network, with members from all over the world enabling them to connect with each other and collaborate on new projects. As a national theatre company we aim to have TEAM opportunities all across Wales and beyond.


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