I'm gunna begin by saying it's the end of a long gruelling tiring day (no sympathy please.... ok if you really want to :)) so if this blog makes no sense don't blame me, blame NTW for putting me in this position. No.... as much as i grumble and moan because i like to all this is more than made up for by having the chance to be a part of another amazing production by NTW.

This time it's Praxis Makes perfect in association with Neon Neon (i'm sorry if it's all one word). Set in a secret location though I think it's made obvious if you have bought a ticket because surely they have to print the venue on that. I don't know i'm just guessing and I don't think anyone really cares ....

Anyway my day .... Well this time around Team members have been asked to join the production to aide the story and the production in lots of various and interesting ways. Automatically for me it comes across as a groundbreaking idea ... A gig by a pretty special band mixed with Theatre a perfect combination well in this NTW performance it's perfect. Let's start with the amazing NeonNeon (i'll try it this way this time) now i am going to say that the Album that this prodcution is based on is pretty amazing it's the kind of music i enjoy i'll label it electro pop but that's just my own idea. Each song provides an insight into the life of Italian radicalist Giangiacomo Feltrinelli (sorry spelling again) this is included in the special sound that Neon Neon create along with catchy lyrics and choruses and the smooth tones of Gruff Rhys amongst others. We have been offered earplugs to use for the duration of the performances but with such amazing music to listen to i'm quite happy to risk my hearing. This is a brilliant gig intertwined with some amazing  theatre varying from brilliantly acted scenes to perfect movement sections. It all flows so smoothly and just simply works all together so well.

Now i will admit today has been testing as all techs normally are but NTW have gathered a brilliant cast together who just create perfection in the space aswell as being geniunely nice guys. It makes life so much easier when this happens. So overall we are nearly ready for the Team night tommorow and I am quite jealous of you guys being able to enjoy this production without a care in the world. I thrououghly recommend this to anyone who loves music, theatre or both joined together so well. To add on top of all this though you also get the added bonus of an amazing script from Tim Rice (and his amazing hat). Truly NTW have been amazing at creating such a brillant group that will create and i'm gunna use the word EPIC event/ production. Once again it is a performance by NTW not to be missed.







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