Session Notes: NTW - A Fringe-Festival on the West-End of Wales:

Title: NTW - A Fringe-Festival on the West-End of Wales:
Person who called Session: Thomas Millenium Falcon Morgan Mallitte - NTW TEAM PANEL Member and Actor/Poet from Pembrokeshire.
Who attended the session: 9 people.
Only got 4 people’s details at end. T MFM Mallitte, Naomi Chiffi, Nicole Allard & Mari Hullett + 5 others attended.
Potential Fringe-Festival locations:
● Coastal cruiser already in place to transport people between beaches.
● Free venue, but perhaps long-discussion with Council would be an obstacle.
● Celebrations taking place on the principal tourist-attractions in Pembrokeshire - ensuring
positive tourist numbers. (Like Boardmasters - Cornwall’s beaches).
Castles along the Landsker-Line.
● Use of prime-placed heritage centres might massively encourage local economy as they
are in the centre of most large towns in Pembrokeshire.
● The heritage centres are also symbols of the colonial oppression of the Welsh.
● Perhaps attempt to set up bus-links between each location.
● Both the various Castles and the various Bus-Companies have different and even
conflicting agendas.
● Castles already have effective advertising schemes and are set to have even greater
advertisement following their affiliation in 2019 with the Tanyard Youth Centre’s
● Start with one castle to limit initial costs and also to avoid agenda.
● Put on a different art form in each castle? Music/Stand-up/Puppetry/Poetry/Playwriting &
Acting/Dancing, et al.
Buses in between sites​. - Art/Stand-up/Music/Poetry/Play on the bus itself to ensure travel isn’t boring.
N.B. Please don’t respond to this point with the counter-argument that includes vague glimpses of gorse and often-not-sheep-filled fields.
Example of On-Bus Stand-Up at Edinburgh. There was an act in Copenhagen where people were unexpectedly treated to an immersive performance, where-in they were told the bus had been hijacked.
Carmarthen - Trinity St.Davids University​ - Production Design Students ​Mari Hullett​ and Nicole Allard ​expressed a determined will to help set this up and said they could sway many other members of their course to help in setting this up as it seemed like a cool idea to them.
Perhaps the ​collaboration​ ​with​ or the presence of those from e​ stablished theatrical organisations​ such as the ​RWCMD YAS Outskirt Programme in Pembrokeshire College​,
the Torch Theatre, The OtherRoom would be an amazingly efffective way to draw attention to both this Festival and such institutions work?
Thank you very much for reading this. It is close to my heart and far from being achieved without people like yourself reading this initial conversation summary.
To offer advice, your services or donations - if that is your way - please contact:
Thomas MFM Mallitte - A Pembrokeshire NTW TEAM PANEL Member, Actor, Writer, Activist & Poet - on 07436 111952

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