On 15th October we held a TEAM Performance Party in Wrexham and heard from the community of creatives, artists,, musicians, educators, students, poets, singers and families about what THEY want from TEAM and National Theatre Wales!

As well as a night of awesome performance devised especially for the night, great food and live music we discussed the following 4 Questions, here are some of the responses we collected . . .

How Should NTW be approaching Education?

Interacting with subjects outside of the arts, e.g. science, languages, history etc Take it offsite and outside of schools into the community- Through the foundation of unauthorised, anti-establishment "

Dead Poet" style secret societies Freedom of Expression Education for ALL ages, not just youth focussed- INTERGENERATIONAL To improve student's self confidence confidence and self belief on a personal level not just academic Plays written and produced by school children- tech, admin and all Building long term relationships Take more artists into schools

What would you like to see from TEAM in your community?

Interaction with the thriving visual arts community Support projects such as Undegun More of what I have seen tonighNew Writing, Pub theatre local theatres casting local artists More free workshops More networking events Peer to peer support Bring different talent together- Collaboration Lots of shows for children to be a part of More Welsh and Billingual work Theatre by the community Workshops for teens

How should NTW be representing North Wales?

Crossover work from North, East, South, West Helping small intimate communities too By acknowledging the identities of North/South/East/West whilst remembering we are ALL Welsh Exploring the use of Welsh languages with the Gogs Celebration of the music scene Make Theatre about local issues in the community Magical vibe By listening and responding to the people of North Wales Big productions in North Wales Use the castles and mountains

What is your vision for NTW in the future?


Breed more positivity Touring productions about Welsh life and living in Wales and tour them around the world! Act as an agent to create great community owned art stages Enjoyment, Joy, Delight Something that everyone in Wales feels part of /entitled to/ worthy of/ wedded to/ cannot live without! More tours in small venues across Wales Getting lots of people involved and keeping theatre alive More rock bands 
EXPANSION- more visible in communities More involvement in the arts for a community and grassroots level

Thank-you to everyone who came along, and to all who helped in creating the event, we had a great night!

Film and Photography credit: National Theatre Wales/ Filmage

Take a look at more photos from this event on our Facebook Page

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