TEAM Skill Swap and Workout hit Bangor

TEAM are bringing Workout and Skill Swap up North to Bangor. I'm really excited to see what projects people bring to work on and what exciting skills there will be swapped. If you have never head of Workout or Skill Swap before, have a little read of the info below.

The event is a free National Theatre Wales TEAM event, open to anybody.

The event will take place on 30th November between 12-5pm at Penrhyn Hall, Bangor, LL57 1DT.


Do you have an idea/script/dream, which you’re not sure how to get off the ground?  Are you looking to get involved in new projects and find new collaborators?  Are you a theatre-maker who’d like to meet other theatre-makers and play for a day?  Answer yes to any of these questions and Workout is for you.  Taking place at a variety of locations around Wales, it's a day long event which gives creative people a chance to get ideas off the ground and meet fellow theatre-makers.  

As well as a chance to work on participants’ projects, the day includes a Skill Swap session.  This is a time for people to trade skills.Skills can be anything from your profession, such as photographer, to setting up Excel spreadsheets.The event is designed to help us meet each other’s needs without spending any money. Eg, you translate my programme to Welsh and I’ll mix cocktails at your fundraiser. Everyone knows that money is tight at the moment - especially people trying to do creative work. We are constantly being told that money is needed to make work, but getting hold of any is so difficult. We would like to turn the tide on this and get back to a culture where people traded for goods or skills, not money. To start this, we are holding an event where people can trade skills with each other with no money changing hands. Maybe you are looking to get your next shows programmes in Welsh as well as English but can’t afford to pay a translator. Or perhaps you are holding a fundraiser and could really do with someone to mix cocktails, but hiring a professional would cut into your donations. Well maybe you could trade your skills with another’s. You translate my programme and I’ll spend an hour mixing cocktails at your event. You win, I win, Art wins, no-one gets poorer! On the day there will be a mix of people from all different creative professions with a whole host of skills to share.

All welcome - just email to let us know you're coming. 


Workout & Skill Swap

30ain o Dachwedd


 Neuadd Penrhyn,


 LL57 1DT


Oes gennych chi syniad/sgript/freuddwyd, a ddim yn siŵr beth i wneud nesa’? Ydych chi eisiau cymryd rhan mewn prosiectau newydd a dod o hyd i gydweithwyr newydd? Ydych chi’n greawdwr theatr a fyddai’n hoffi cyfarfod â chreawdwyr theatr eraill a chwarae am ddiwrnod? Os yr ateb yw ‘ie’ i unrhyw un o’r cwestiynau yma, mae Workout yn berffaith i chi. Mae’n digwydd mewn amryw o leoliadau o amgylch Cymru, yn parhau drwy’r dydd a’n rhoi’r cyfle i bobl greadigol rannu eu syniadau a chyfarfod â chreawdwyr theatr eraill.

 Ynghyd â’r cyfle i weithio ar brosiectau cyfranogwyr, mae fydd sesiwn Skill Swap yn cael ei gynnal. Mae hwn yn rhoi’r cyfle i chi ddod o hyd i’r cyngor sydd angen arnoch chi, wedi i chi helpu pobl eraill gyda’u prosiectau nhw. Bydd amryw o sgiliau megis actio, cyfarwyddo, pobi cacennau hyd at ffotograffiaeth, canu neu seiclo unicycle… mae’r rhestr yn ddiddiwedd! Mae’r balŵns a losin am ddim!

Ar ôl tri sesiwn yng Nghaerdydd ac Abertawe yn ystod yr Haf, mi fydd sesiwn nesaf Workout/Skill Swap yn digwydd ym Mangor! Croeso i bawb - jyst e-bostiwch er mwyn rhoi gwybod i ni eich bod chi am ddod.

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