TEAM Workout & Skill Swap at Festyrefail

The day before each TEAM Workout & Skill Swap will usually find me counting post-it notes and felt tips, worrying that no-one will come, while simultaneously getting nervous that we won't have enough blu tac and sugar paper when they do. Everytime. Despite the fact that I know that the day after each previous event has been bathed in the fuzzy glow of reflecting how many people have made real, tangible progress on their projects, and the connections made with other artists that have gone on to move people's careers onwards and upwards. As I sit here, yet again surrounded by posters full of skills that are been offered to swap, my phone continuing to inform me of continuing conversations that artists are having about future plans to work together and the echoes of conversations with artists about the progress they have made on their projects during the Rhondda Workout, I can't help but smile and shake my head at the fact that I sat on Friday night worried it might be a total flop. 

The great thing is, myself, Lisa and Peter can always rely on the TEAM members that show up bringing a fantastic attitude, bags of creative and a willingness to share, support and get stuck in. And that's what makes Workout & Skill Swap so fun! Each and every event is totally different, as it is shaped by the projects that TEAM members have brought along to develop and the variety of skills in the room, but every event has an atmosphere of generous creativity that underpins, I think, exactly what TEAM is about. 

This Workout & Skill Swap saw projects ranging from working on scripts of both new and experienced writers, to devising and improvising scenes for immersive children's theatre, to initial conversations around the concept of a germ idea, and more. Each project was embraced by the group working on it with equal amounts of imagination and generosity, and there was a very inclusive and encouraging feel across the 2 rooms. 

The conversations sparked during the skill swap sessions were equally encouraging and exciting. Discussions were happening around me about building puppets, running events and training opportunities, filming showreels, and loads more. As always, there were loads of skills on offer to be swapped on the day, but I would encourage all attendees to get in contact with past skill swappers as well to see what swaps can be arranged. 

I'm really looking forward to finding out what happens next with all the exciting projects that were brought and hearing about all the brilliant swaps that have taken place.

In response to questions we had on the day and via email, we don't yet have a plan for where or when the next TEAM Workout & Skill Swap will be, but keep an eye out on the TEAM page or on our twitter account (@NTWSkillSwap) and we'll let you know when we have future plans. 


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