The Valleys Assembly: When does the future start? Local people in Blaengarw answer the question.

A group of us working on the Valleys Assembly went through the Garw Valley last week asking questions and gathering local people's answers. Here are their answers to our question: When

does the future start?

And as an extension of this first question, a new question arose: When did the past end?

Tracy in A Good Night Out in the Valleys is the teenage character who asks,
"when does the future start?" In family fortune style, we asked our
randomly selected poll of local people to name the top three reasons they
thought young people stayed in the Valley.

At the end of A Good Night Out in the Valleys, Tracy says "I'm going to
leave. Go somewhere else". So we also polled our local people to ask them:
what are the top three reasons young people leave the Valleys?

The participants in the video were wonderful and many turned up to the Assembly
event in Blaengarw Workmen's Hall. They watched themselves, their friends,
their family, their neighbours projected, larger-than-life on the wall. They
laughed and they reflected and they discussed what was said and came up with
some really exciting thoughts on our and their future.

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