So I'm currently in a week of R+D that is being supported by Wales Lab. The project is to create a spoken word experience that involves the audience. 

The title is "You'll Be a Man" and myself and Brent Morgan are working on it. We are trying to tackle all those awkward parts of growing from a young adult into a man. 

Today was our first day of the R+D and I woke up weather wet and windy outside and still dark! by the time I had sorted a bit of breakfast out it had brightened up but was still wet and windy :( We walked over to the Sherman and was blown away by the space! 

The Theme we were tackling today was that of role models. Each of us had done a Pecka Kucha (20 slide presentation)  and presented it to each other after a good warm up and recap of the  project so far. 

This was really Interesting seeing the different role models we had and how they changed at different points in our life. We questioned how important they were in the developing of ourselves and the possible impact of finding out that maybe our role models aren't all we think they are!

We then did a writing exercise which helped me sum up what we had been looking at throughout the day so far and pick out the interesting points which I feel are needed to be brought up and addressed in the show.

I'm going to film my presentation and post it in the link below so you can see what angle I've come from.

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Comment by Kelsey Richards on October 7, 2014 at 2:26

Loved this :) looking forward to seeing the end product. 

Your dad also looks like a complete legend :) x

Comment by Ingrid Lagouanelle on October 7, 2014 at 0:57

Loved watching your vid Frank! Very very interesting. Looking forward to seeing more of this project. X

Comment by Frank Thomas on October 6, 2014 at 10:44

This is a link to my role model Pecka Kucha :) 

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