As a member of D&DAD I always pay attention to who is making the best work and this year there have been some amazing entries. I wanted to kick off this discussion by sharing some of those entries starting with this great campaign in the 'Digital Solutions & Use of Social Media' category.


Digital Solutions & Use of Social Media - Example 1


Twitter Zoom

The Volkswagen Fox sponsored Sao Paulo's biggest music festival, Planeta Terra. Our task was to spread the Fox's message beyond the event, reaching every youngster in Sao Paulo. We hid series of tickets within the city and launched an online platform where visitors could see Google Maps. The mechanism was simple: the more tweets #foxatplanetaterra received, the closer the zoom on the map. The first one to get to the ticket won it. This went on the four days in a row. As a result, the tweetbecame a topic trend in Sao Paulo in less than two hours.


Creative Directors

Sergio Mugnain

Luiz Sanches


Volkswagen - Fox no Planeta Terra - Twitter Zoom - English from AlmapBBDO Internet on Vimeo.


Digital Solutions & Use Of Social Media - Example 2



More than 30 Ringtowns were created using the Mayan names of the 1500 Guatemalan towns and cities with coverage from mobile phone operator Claro. Ringtowns were launched through a nationwide radio campaign, inviting people to get them for free, to share them through social media and use them on their mobile phones, turning every incoming call or message into a commercial for Claro's nationwide mobile coverage. Ringtowns were available to consumers through MMS or from Claro's website.



Ogilvy Guatemala


The video is in Spanish but should give you an idea of the campaign.




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Matt. What are your thoughts on this use of twitter in an arts context? And is it a campaign or a competition?   

I don't think you can class it as a competition as there doesn't seem like there is any kind of real skill involved in winning the ticket, only a knowledge of Sao Paulo and being a fast runner! I, personally, think this is quite dull because it is transparent, the more you tweet the closer you get to finding the free stuff. However, I don't know what people actually tweeted so could be really wrong . . . But then I suppose it is more accessible to all . . .


‘To spread the Fox’s Message beyond the event reaching every youngster in Sao Paulo”

 Is it a campaign or a competition? I think it depends entirely on how you look at this; you could say is this a competition or is it an online game? You need to become a participant by helping other players solve a problem the contribution of your #tag maybe a small contribution but it is vital to make the game progress and by engaging you are socially spreading their message.


Either way you look at it I think you could say it’s a successful example of integrating digital and social media technology together to develop awareness of a brand to a highly targeted location.


I think one of the most interesting things about this campaign is that it was entirely focused on engaging Twitter users in Sao Paulo area. The clarity of vision from Creative Directors - Sergio & Luiz meant that the campaign was developed to drive a very localized vision, which ultimately met the objective of the client in creating targeted awareness for the Festival and the Volkswagen brand.



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