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Across the city, hearts are beating and the mating ritual has begun. In the nightclubs, the bus shelters, the back streets and the sand dunes, daring girls and reckless boys engage in a desperate dance while the less fortunate observe and pretend it doesn't hurt. Created by Frantic Assembly, and staged in Swansea’s richly atmospheric Patti Pavilion, this production is inspired by the Dylan Thomas story 'Just Like Little Dogs' and the furtive hours so many of us have spent searching for kindness and warmth in the shadows of the city. 











The show was produced at Swansea's Patti Pavilion in May 2012. 

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Naomi's Third Rehearsal Blog

So. We're through our first few days in the Patti.Epic?Cast, crew and creatives embark on a long journey.They encounter a series of challenges with the unknown.Problem-solve with remarkable bravery…Continue

Started by Naomi Said May 5, 2012.

Naomi's Rehearsal Blog Part Deux

It's Monday morning again. We're in week three all of a sudden.Now, let it be known that last Monday was a tough one. We all felt it and we all got to the end of it. We'd started on at least five new…Continue

Started by Naomi Said Apr 30, 2012.

Where did you first find love ? 7 Replies

The 'Little Dogs' production is inspired by the Dylan Thomas Story 'Just Like Little Dogs' and the furtive hours so many of us have sent searching for kindness and warmth in the shadows of the…Continue

Started by Matt the Hat. Last reply by Katie Elizabeth Payne Apr 29, 2012.

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Comment by Matt the Hat on May 4, 2012 at 11:23

Comment by Brent Morgan on May 1, 2012 at 12:24

I'm excited about 'Little Dogs' so much so I am going to spend a day in rehearsals, then hold a scratch that itch inspired by the themes of 'Little Dogs' and then have a party to celebrate it being one week until opening night. Sound like fun? Come join me at Monkey Bar Swansea 5 min walk from the train station it all kicks off at 7.15pm.

Comment by Scott Graham on April 29, 2012 at 9:12

What a beautiful story, Matt/Remy B.

Comment by Matthew Trevannion on April 29, 2012 at 9:09

Where did you first find love?

Sitting with a cup of tea with fellow little dogs cast member Remy B, (she asked to be called this) perhaps the biggest dog of us all.

M: So Remy B, when did you first find love?

Remy B: I was walking along one day and I looked up to the sky and I spotted a small beautiful bird in a tree/

M: /take this seriously. When?

Remy B: and I thought this is love.

M: Get a grip. When?

Remy B: I dunno 1992?

M: When you were... seven?

Remy B: Big time.

M: Don't believe you. I'll get the ball rolling. I first found love in Drama school.

Remy B: Cringe.

M: I know. On our first day I spotted this girl (who later became my girlfriend) sat next to a guy (who later became a friend) and thought if she is with that dickhead there is absolutely no justice in the world.

Remy B: what a beautiful story. I'm ready to talk about me.

M: Hit me.

Remy B: The first time I found love eeer, which I thought at the time was love was with a guy named Perry.

M: Perry?

Remy B: Yeah, why?

M: Carry on.

Remy BHe was two years above me in school and we also went to amateur dramatics together. Um, and um he bought me a dog.

M: Good plug.

Remy B: Yeah a stuffed dog from bear factory called Dve, and he put his voice in it.

M: He put his voice in it? Like a recording?

Remy B: Yeah and I listened to it every night before bed. Then he dumped me.Livid slash devastated. Cried for months on the ground.

M:Brilliant. Let's rap this up/

Remy B:/and I went round his house and his mum came to the door and lied and told me he'd gone to visit his nan in Margate.

M: Right. Maybe we should/

Remy B: and then I rang him up and played his own voice down the phone to him.

M: What? from the dog?

Remy B: Dave.


M: Best leave it there.

Comment by Katie Elizabeth Payne on April 29, 2012 at 8:45

Got a lot of love for this... and makes me think of our little cast

Comment by Katie Elizabeth Payne on April 29, 2012 at 8:33

I. Love. A. Shblam!! Cant wait to see what T-Shirt Dazzer is wearing tomorrow... "are you dizzy bruv? are you dizzy?"

Comment by abdul shayek on April 29, 2012 at 3:53

Great pics, sounds like rehearsals have been hardwork but productive and fun.  Can't wait for the show, also can't wait to come in to a rehearsal to watch the team in action.  See you all soon.  

Comment by Matt the Hat on April 28, 2012 at 8:40

Images are great... Well Done Ash & Brent

Comment by Naomi Said on April 27, 2012 at 22:38

Here's the first instalment of my rehearsal room diary from last week ... more up-to-date updates to follow soon ... Naomi x



We've all gathered to start rehearsals at Gower College in Swansea. Scott's just told us that this is where Frantic had the dress rehearsal for their very first show, 'Look Back in Anger'. 17½ years later; another new production to make. Scott, Steven and John McGrath from NTW tell us how the idea for 'Little Dogs' has come about. We talk about the borders that exist between people and the moments in life when we first begin to explore and cross them. And how we often forget that people for generations been having these very same first encounters long before us. And maybe in exactly the same locations.. Our Designer Tim shows us the model box of the set which will transform the Patti Pavilion. It's just gagging to be played with and explored, bursting with the potential to be as mobile and physical as our performers will be. It's going to be an integral and living part of telling this story, although we haven't really got one quite yet. There's no play to work from this time. We've got no read-through today because we've got no script – we'll be devising this one from scratch. Steven tells us this is a deliberate departure of approach from the last Frantic show to keep things challenging and new. So, after a quick cuppa, we get going. There's yoga, cardio work, core strength training and we introduce lifting techniques to our new cast. After lunch, the first choreographic task is set. The commitment of the company to all the new challenges is inspiring. After a stretch out and cool down, we're through the first day. The soundtrack for the show will be created by Hybrid, but we're using loads of different music in the rehearsal room as we devise. As work on day two begins, it's inevitably underscored by the loud groans of many a sore muscle. After warming up, stretching out and plenty more strength work, we start taking material from yesterday and building upon it. We also start on two more ideas today. Day three brings more yoga, lots of sprinting and some particularly popular bottom-toning exercises. We spend time experimenting with existing material in various different ways and then the first writing task is set. The cast are working well together and there's already a productive and collaborative atmosphere in the room – it's dynamic, industrious and sweaty (of course). But, vitally, there's some really delicate moments emerging too. Our need, underneath it all, for warmth and a meaningful connection. It's the potential for this that we'll be looking to build upon as this new story unfolds.

Comment by Matt the Hat on April 27, 2012 at 4:35

TThe set is looking fantastic I managed to get a sneak peek and a few pics of crew making the set at the warehouse just before they loaded it onto the lorry -but I can't show you any of those, instead you can view these abstract images below  - no spoilers - you'll just have to wait and see... 

Some sand that was dropped on the floor 


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