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Diweddariad ar Gymuned NTW

Ganed Cymuned NTW gyda National Theatre Wales. Aeth ar-lein fel gofod digidol arloesol, bywiog lle gallai pobl gysylltu - roeddem yn meddwl amdano fel ein dull digidol cyfatebol o leoliad. Gallai gwneuthurwyr theatr, artistiaid, cynulleidfaoedd, actifyddion, TEAM ac aelodau o’r gymuned – unrhyw un oedd eisiau bod yno – ymuno, rhannu a thrafod syniadau, gofyn cwestiynau a chyngor neu siarad am eu gwaith.

Yn y blynyddoedd diwethaf, wrth i oes y cyfryngau cymdeithasol gydio yn y ffordd…


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An update on NTW Community

NTW Community was born with National Theatre Wales. It went online as an innovative, lively digital space where people could connect - we thought of it as our digital equivalent of a venue. Theatre-makers, artists, audiences, activists, TEAM and community members - anybody who wanted to be there - could join, share and debate ideas, ask questions and advice or talk about their work.

In recent years, as the age of social media has taken hold of the way we share and communicate online,…


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CASTING / CASTIO - National Theatre Wales

CASTING a new production from National Theatre Wales, to be created and directed by Gavin Porter.


This devised project will deal with death, memory, loss and how music forms part of the healing process.


The process will be supportive and explorative. The work will be fuelled by the lead artist’s own documentary footage, delving into the way we celebrate lives once they have been lived.


This production will be created, rehearsed and performed in…


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Play On: Open call for scripts by playwrights in Wales // Am Ddrama: Galwad agored am sgriptiau gan ddramodwyr yng nghymru

Let’s Play On. Playwrights, the time has come for you to start sending in your work to our readers. The submission window is now open, and we are accepting scripts until 31 March.…

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