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iPads, Squashed Tomatoes and Justin Timberlake... just another day in Edinburgh

… it turns out Lyn Gardner's recommendations are really worth something. My last day in Edinburgh was spent participating in Alma Mater and viewing I Hope My Heart Goes First. What a wonderful way to end my time at the Fringe.

Alma Mater ★★★ is a one-person journey into a child's imagination, powered by an iPad. Looking at the video on the tablet as you would the…


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Paper Boats, Booby-Trapped Umbrellas and a Pile of Old Wardrobes... just another day in Edinburgh

If it is true that 'nothing succeeds like excess', then Brent and I have had a very successful few days indeed. Seeing up to six shows a day as well as a far from quantifiable load of street theatre, we've absolutely binged on the stuff... and I'm starting to feel a little full. While I'm still enjoying myself to the core, it must be said that it's starting to take a lot to impress me. Beware, Cardiff. I'm going to be a much less forgiving critic when I return.…


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Picturebooks, clowns and brain dissection... just another day in Edinburgh

Any day that begins with a special, personalised performance of a delightful children's tale is already set to be spectacular. And this is what we had on Monday as we popped along to The Incredible Book Eating Boy ★★★★. Although billed as kid's theatre, this…


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Puberty, fishnets and princes... just another day in Edinburgh

I should tell you straight away: I'm not a fan of musicals. However, there is something very alluring about Spring Awakening - something that moves far, far away from jazz hands, chihuahuas and black canes. Telling the tale of a group of adolescences struggling to gain knowledge of their sexualities and their worlds, the piece is a dark and appealing fable about growing up and knowledge. In Gordonstoun School's…


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Corruption, manipulation and death... just another day in Edinburgh

With a busy day ahead of us, Mr Morgan and I decided to warm ourselves up with a thirty-minute production by south Wales based Bandwagon Theatre Company at Greenside. A Rotten Little Story ★★★ exposes the corruption of the British Government as they acquired Diego Garcia for the US…


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NTW TEAM in Edinburgh

Arrived in Edinburgh earlier today after far too many hours spent on the train from south Wales, listening to Chipmunk renditions of Chumbawamba.

Now, with over 600 pages of information in front of us, it’s fair to say that both Brent and I are a little overwhelmed. Officially, there are 2,543 shows on around the city this…

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De Gabay Update

I got a rather odd look from an elderly lady as I purchased a tacky, broken Elvis toy from her charity shop. For some reason, this kind old woman couldn't quite understand why I was about to splash out 25p on a once-lovely item that had been absolutely ruined by the children. Similarly, the man in the PDSA store was reluctant to ask what kind of 'desperate times' led to me buying two Action Men. Little did they know that ten minutes later I'd be helping to break up the…


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A Year of TEAM

Attempting to pin down and describe the TEAM Experience is a very hard task indeed: In my voluntary role as Assembly Production Assistant, I've had the chance to tour Wales' communities,…


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The Tuesday Before

Time until Milford Assembly: 02days, 21 hours, 59 minutes, 49 seconds (approx)

It's really starting to look ship-shape in Milford Haven ahead of Friday's Assembly. Today, we've been speaking to a number of our special guests and there seems to be a real buzz to…


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TEAM NTW03: Is youth a state of mind?

Following NTW03's Assembly, Melody Brain, Nat Stone and I went round our fair city with youth on our minds. It wasn't skateboards we…


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NTW06 Brecon Assembly

There was something decidedly odd about the build-up to National Theatre Wales’ Assembly. Rumours flew around town claiming that somebody had coated Theatr Bycheiniog’s stage with real turf. Posts on the NTW community website hinted that they’d be traditional Ghurkha dancing alongside hot-off-the-press scriptwriting and aerial performance, bringing Brecon’s artistic and cultural variety together.… Continue

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Follow up to NTW03 Assembly: Is Cardiff a young city?

Just make one brief visit to Cardiff’s page and Wikipedia will tell you a lot about the age of our city. Look a bit harder and the timeframes become extremely clear. In infancy Cardiff was the site of a fort, where Common Era men and women spent their days fashioning and swapping coins (or so archaeologists would have us believe). The settlement…


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Bring on Barmouth Assembly

Bore da!

After a more than hearty breakfast overlooking the point where mountains meet sea, I'm ready for the busy run-up to the fourth assembly.

Rehearsals at the Bath House last night were simply amazing. I've heard rich soulful singing, listened to some incredible Barmouth-centric lyrics and seen the early stages of the video-game film. Can't wait for the discussions and guests, where the whole thing will come together... I'm fully confident that my first assembly will be a good… Continue

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Notes on the Art of Poetry - TEAM blog

Wandering around Swansea after the absolutely excellent Shelf Life, I decided to seize the opportunity to bring Dylan Thomas's poetry to life in his very own city.

Working together with good friend (and fellow TEAM member) Becca Oakley and taking inspiration from the fact that the Old Library used to house thousands of works by this writer, we decided to test…

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Puns to be left on the shelf.

That good old fellow Oscar Wilde once said that the only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it.

With this philosophy in mind, I want to go wild with a puntastic celebration of Shelf Life before go and see it on Friday. I'm hoping as many people as possible can join in the fun times. What, with this being a fully booked show in an empty library (get it, yeah?) the cheesier the comments the better.

Dominic Cavendish from The Telegraph has already unwittingly joined in the game… Continue

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