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Sun. Sea. Sand. 1906.


A new series for the BBC is offering families the chance of a lifetime to live in a beautiful village on the wild coast of Wales.

For a month you could live and work by the sea, living traditionally like our ancestors did 100 years ago and sailing on a boat like this.

For more information go to…


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Half Price Tickets and/or B&B!


I have a B&B for two and two tickets for NTW's production in Rhyl this weekend.  Unfortunately, due to illness, my friend's cancelled on me (so gutted!).  Would anyone like the accommodation and/or tickets?  You can have both half price!

Don't want to leave any empty seats if I can possibly help it, and the B&B is well-known for its great breakfasts :)


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Rehearsing with a Fear of Drowning

Have you ever been into a rehearsal room?  It's a bit like stepping into an artist's workshop: frenzied chaos, shadows of fantastical shapes scattered, discarded textiles and splodges of paint underfoot; but you know, because there's that electrical charge in the room just like the final moments before a storm, that great things are afoot. 

And so it was stepping into Black Sheep Theatre's rehearsal for Fear of Drowning this week.  There was the rough…


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How's it going?

'What does a Welsh person sound like?'


'How do I know?!'

So after the initial reaction to the huge question, I began to think about the details of my utter cluelessness and realised it wasn't through a lack of knowledge that I couldn't answer this question: it was because there was a full warehouse in my brain with a zillion different answers and I couldn't fathom where the beginning…

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