A report of Underground Airport part1

Hello! This is Yasuro Ito of Underground Airport. How are you doing in Wales!?

We are very well in Japan!! 

Today we would like to introduce our works in 2014 to 2015 with stage photos!

"The Prisoner of Dakiny" Dec in 2014 Ebisu Echo Theatre in Tokyo

I wrote a new play,based upon two plays, "Comedy of Errors" and "The Prisoner of Zenda". 

And the play is about a son searching a missing father who is captured in the huge shopping mall.

The shopping mall is named "Dakiny" and owned by Emanuel Dakini.

Originally Dakini is a goddess of Hindu,and she eats human hearts.

Dakini goddess brought to Japan and become a goddess of profit.

This play is a comedy and tragedy about ourselves who is facing enormous global economical power. 

We created a metaphor of the relationship between such gigantic power and human dignity.

Through joining Waleslab, we realized the wonderfulness of opening the creative process to everyone.

So,We asked our fans to tweet their thoughts about human dignity, and many words were tweeted.

We put on the wall of the stage set. So stage is filled with a lot of words and become a castle of bloodcurdling goddess.

Audience could feel that the shopping mall is a metaphor of the system which we made these days.

Thank Waleslab to give us a thought about openness!! 

And we go on to the next report!

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