And another... Hi! I'm a new TEAM panel member

So it looks like I am now part of the National Theatre Wales TEAM panel! It's lovely to be asked to be part of this dynamic and future thinking organisation and I really hope I can do my bit in helping NTW be even more relevant, better connected and National than ever.

If you haven't already come across me I have been involved in NTW TEAM for a couple of years now, with critical chinwags, live blogs, skill swaps, designing and devising for performance parties and generally checking out our community. Take a look at my previous blog posts here, I also hope to write up some wider thoughts and experiences that might be relevant to you - or that you would like someone to write about, I'm always open to suggestions.

I have a particular North Wales perspective on the arts and culture sector in Wales - our region is full of amazingly talented and creative people yet most of the organisations that support us or we are interested in are 'down south'. You can't change sheer weight of population but we can all do our best to make sure that the North is well connected and visible. This is something I particularly want to work on in my time on Panel.
I am also a visual artist, crossing over into theatre design and collaborating with many kinds of performers. I hope that this also enriches the breadth and approaches that NTW can draw on. Personally I have found the world of theatre a more inclusive and welcoming one than the art world can be, I also feel that theatre and related performative and interventionist art forms can reach out to communities in ways that 'fine' art often struggles to. I am involved in immersive theatre including periodical work with a sensory theatre group called Theatr Dan Y Coed, and my activities have delved into surprising and deeply rewarding issues including mental health and the environment. I don't think there is any limit to where art and theatre can go.

As a passionate advocate of the value of creativity in communities I would be very proud to help build on the fantastic work that NTW and its associates have done across Wales in the last few years - and beyond. I am excited for the future!
My first job is to get myself more visible and start listening to you all. What would make a difference to you as a member of our creative community?
Here's to a positive, against the odds 2017...

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