Bandwagon Theatre: Our Edinburgh Fringe (Day 3)

It's official, we survived our first show - with an audience of 15!! For those of you who are seasoned fringe-goers, I'm sure you can appreciate that this is a fantastic turn out (especially as the fringe average stands at an audience of just 4). We got in, did the show, got out and managed to receive some contributions from the audience. In my books this constitutes a success. A good start, if I do say so myself.

I've made a few 'notes to self' having been here for a couple of days now:
1. When enjoying a few cheeky drinks in Edinburgh, be prepared to handle the hangover.
2. Always wear sensible shoes. Thanks to the hills, steps and distance from our digs to the venue I'm going to have extraordinarily muscular legs before the end of next week.
3. I found out that I'm apparently now on something they call 'the Edinburgh Fringe Diet', which seemingly consists of theatre, hard work, walking, fast food and beer. Thank god I'm here for only 8 more days, I'm not sure my body would keep up with Edinburgh for much longer than that.

So to follow on from my own personal notes, I give you my next rule.

RULE NUMBER 3: Look after yourself while you're here! Simple, but effective.

My only hope now is that we continue to attract an audience, work professionally, enjoy the festival and most importantly, have fun.

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