This week following on from last weeks blog about dreams I have been lucky enough to have Paralympian and Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson give me a quote that has inspired her since she was little. The quote is her motto and it was given to her by her grandad.

'Aim high even if you hit a cabbage' - Tanni Grey-Thompson

Now she has no idea where it came from but he always used to tell her never be afraid to try.
Myself, I got from the quote that throughout life we all have goals and dreams that we aim to achieve, no matter how big or small and we will all embark on journeys to follow and chase our dreams and along these journeys we will come up against obstacles (or cabbages) we cannot let these obstacles hold or knock us back because ultimately when we succeed in achieving our dreams the payoff is worth all the adversity we go through.

We will all go on different journeys and Tanni was kind enough to give me an insight into hers. She said she was never the best athlete in her teens but she learned to train hard, found a coach and learnt from as many people as she could. Now in that statement alone there are obstacles such as finding a coach, finding people to learn from, even finding the time to train harder. But that didn't hold her back and obstacles shouldnt hold you guys back.
Like I said last week no matter how crazy your dreams may seem, you have to chase them regardless of what other might say or think.

So no matter what dreams you manifest wether it's traveling the world, winning an oscar, becoming a bus driver, completing a marathon, winning an Olympic or Paralympic medal, becoming prime minister, opening your own cake shop or traveling to the moon etc the list is endless and that's the beauty of dreams. Aim them as high as you like and if you hit a cabbage along the way carry on! Because the joy and pride of succeeding is worth every second you spend chasing it. And I'm pretty sure Tanni hit a few cabbages along her way to getting Paralympic Gold but she did it and so can you.

Yes not all of you out there will want a career in sports or to compete at the Paralympics but the principles remain the same for each and every one of you and your dreams. Never give up! And never be afraid to try!

Until next week
Much love :)

Also a huge shout out to Tanni for her time and her quote :)

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