Number 10!
When I first started these feel goods I was adamant that I was going to do it every Friday. And I can remember number 1 after Alan Rickman passed and that was 9 WEEKS AGO! As my nan would say along with many others 'where's the time going, Christmas will be here before you know it'
For those who don't know my nan, she loves Christmas

This week I have chosen to go with a man I respect fully and that man is Nelson Mandela. He said:

'The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall'

How many times did Mr Mandela rise after he had fallen I wonder?
We all fall. Each and everyone of us. Some worse than others. We all deal with inner struggles, self doubt, not thinking we're good enough, hitting deadlines we never think we're going to hit, saving for something that seems impossible or having everything come all at once.
These things and thousands more get us down and make us feel as if we are falling.
We're human so we are going to fall along the way because we don't have a smooth yellow brick road to travel down or a manual telling us how it's done, or what to do next.
But in rising everytime we fall we are being brave, courageous and strong. We are saying I may be down but I'm not out.
And I'm not going to lie sometimes rising seems impossible and all our strength may be gone but what I say to you is find that inner strength deep down in you and rise. Rise high above the rest and remember that just because you fell it doesn't mean anything is over. It could be the start of greatness to come :) it could be the start of something new (these musical references are not intended I promise)
Like I've said before each and everyone of you has the capacity for greatness and falling just helps build you into the amazing, beautiful people I know you all can be. FACT

Until next week guys. Into double figures now
Much love :)

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