First night of 'A Kind Of Alaska' - March 10th

You know that thing you do with good luck cards?...when you open them to vast acres of blankness..and the card invites you write something brilliant... and you cant ..and you think..blimey i spent £3.50 on this card and i cant think of a thing to say...well that happened to me.....Its not that i havent got things to say....i did have but its just the ability to say it in a few words that escapes know the witty erudite phrase that sums up six weeks of work...that sums up the bond you feel ..the journey youve been on ..the challenges youve had and the play..the way it is...the way it looks ..and the thanks you feel to all involved.

There were 56 in the audience for Be:spoken Theatre..and everyone seem to arrive perfectly prepared to be held in the palm of our hands..and to be taken on this short journey....i watched them ..from my position in the middle somewhere ..and said to myself ...this is what its the audience feel engaged?.do they feel connected with it? and by the jaw shattering silence..I was pretty sure that they did.

We had such positive feedback..that it has given us all a boost for the rest of the week. The actors were so disciplined and true to the show we had made...i have sat through the show many times ..of course but found myself just witnessing it for the first new now with an audience ..with their laughter and concentration and i just felt proud...

when i was thinking of gifts ..for the company know...i thought about Cava but i bought champagne because for me ..for this production i thought ..its a real celebration....quality text,quality actors...quality team around me....and ive received praise but i must remember never to tell was a collboration..and really my role was a pace maker for a show that had a heart of its own from the beginning. thank you for coming along if you have and for your support.....we have 3 perfs to go....Come along..we think ist a worthwhile 50 mins..but then we would say that..come and see for Julie xx

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Comment by Rich Tunley on March 10, 2010 at 22:43
Glad it went well.
Really looking forward to Saturday.
Have a good run x

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