The eagle eyed among you have already spotted a new development on the site. GROUPS (yeah kinda like the thing on the facewhatsit site) is a way for folk with a common interest to share info, ideas, advice. GROUPS will be coming online properly in the next few days, but basically you can join ours, or you can start your own. The official National Theatre Wales groups so far are for ACTORS, WRITERS, CREATIVE PEOPLE and TEAM MEMBERS. And no, you don't have to choose between them, you can have as many group personalities as you want. Here's a guide to help you decide who you are:

Writers: The online Writers Group for National Theatre Wales is a space where NTW can communicate directly with writers, and where writers can get in touch with each other. We will be letting people know about opportunities here, and writers in the group will be able to get feedback from each other. You may already be a playwright, or you could be a poet, a novelist or a screenwriter who is thinking of theatre as a new option. Join this group if you are serious about writing.

Actors: If you are a professional or aspiring actor and want to know about opportunities at NTW, this is the group for you. You can hear about upcoming castings, and also share news with each other.

Creative People: Directors, Designers, Composers, Choreographers, Production experts; the people who make theatre happen from offstage. This is your place to share news and ideas. Look out for announcements from NTW too.

TEAM. If you want to be part of the National Theatre Wales on the ground - acting as an ambassador, spreading the word, being part of our events and working alongside NTW's producers this is the group for you. But be aware - if you sign up for the NTW TEAM we will be knocking on your inbox to get you involved in all sorts of activity!

The first three groups are entirely open to community members, for the TEAM you let us know you are interested and we will run a criminal check on you, ask for three references and share your details with the CIA. Nah, just joking, but we need to know who is interested in the TEAM and what they are up for as this is going to be our key network for spreading the word about our work, so when you join this group the site sends us a message and then we approve your membership and send you some introductory info.

OR, like those cunning folk at DIRTY PROTEST you could gang up with your mates and set up your own group to share recipes, plan trips, or let your theatre-mates know what you are up to. For those of you who've put up a profile with your company name, we think you may well find that you are better off setting up a GROUP in your company name and getting all your friends and fans to join. Then profiles = people and groups = groups. Kinda makes sense eh!

Anyway, it'll all be up properly soon and easy to find on the front page, but if you want a sneak preview in the meantime go to and take a peek. Happy grouping!

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Comment by National Theatre Wales on June 19, 2009 at 10:22
hi Michael. On a train to Aberystwyth so just a quick reply for now. Looking forward to see what groups emerge. In relation to audiences I suspect rather than one big audience group it will be groups who have shared interests or maybe shared location. In the meantime the TEAM group will be for both artists and audiences who are up for spreading the message. Glad to see u've joined that. We will be organising a get together soon. Okay got to get back to staring at the scenery!

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