Room to Read’s final fling before winter

Room to Read is appearing again in Cardiff centre, probably for the last time this year. Bring a favourite book to share aloud, and meet a little before 12 midday, Saturday 4th September around the stone circle in Gorsedd Gardens, the busy little park opposite the National Museum of Wales’ main entrance. Then find yourself a space and begin reading aloud, everyone at the same time, as the City Hall clock finishes striking 12, for as long or as briefly as you like, until 12.30 chimes.

Create points of calmness and concentration amongst the bustle of shopping and Mardi Gras - people standing still amongst passers-by, mentally concentrating not diverted, a steady rhythm of voices and words amongst the chaotic sounds of traffic, fun and entertainment – you’ve got the picture by now.

We know those of you who’ve already taken part want to do it again. And if you haven’t been able to make it so far, come along and find out why even passers-by have stopped to join in!

Bring a bright umbrella too, if it's raining, and contribute to the general atmosphere and fun of Mardi Gras weekend in a very individual way!

The more readers taking part the better, so please pass this on to everyone you know who’d be interested too. And there are photos of past Room to Reads on Love Reading, our Facebook profile.

Looking forward to seeing you Saturday 4th, 12 midday!

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