Shelf Life asks: What books would you put in a library? (answer now, or the bunny get it)

What Books Would You Put In A Library?

Me, I'd go for:
Any Graham Greene
The Importance of being Ea. . .

HANG ON... this is about YOU, not ME.

Anyway whilst you decide (yup, I can hear that sound... that's you forgetting every book you've ever read... don't worry, it'll come back to you...) here's some pictures of what's being going on at the Old Library.

Before you scroll down, there's something you should know about the photos. They are all taken in CLOSE UP. Why? Well, some very exciting things have been happening and I didn't want to give the game away before opening night.

See if you can guess what it all means. . .


Last week, there was a bit of a photoshoot going on @ Shelf Life.

But pictures of what?



What's this all about?
Well, I'll tell you. The actor's got really bored last
Friday and decided to play a game of Book Jenga.
A game for the brave, that one.
Of course, we're one actor short now, because someone was
tragically crushed under a pile of 'Guiness Book of Records'...
I kid, I kid. THE ACTORS ARE OK! : )


Some words... about libraries, funnily enough.

So... now that you've remembered...

What Books Would Be In Your Library????

*coming soon... Pictures of some never-before seen library places! Some harsh comments about librarians (we love them really, we didn't say bad things about them... we think other librarians did!) and tons of other stuff I've forgotten to mention!!

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Comment by Liz Wride on March 25, 2010 at 15:42
Thanks everyone, for your comments. (I should point out, despite what the title said... I'm not hurting bunnies... )

Adele - I've only just noticed - it does look like 'private chives!' : )

Peter - You are most certainly allowed 3 books. 'The Life of the Drama' does seem really apropriate for this site! And the first line of 'Yellow Back Radio Broke-Down' is a greater opener.
Comment by Peter Cox MBE on March 25, 2010 at 12:41
Hope I can be allowed three.

Yellow Back Radio Broke-Down by black American author Ishmael Reed.

A wonderfully complex, funny tale told in a poetic style that makes you glad the written word was invented.

(First Line: 'Folks. This here is the story of the Loop Garoo Kid. A cowboy so bad he made a working posse of spells phone in sick'.)

And as this is the NTW site...

The Life of the Drama by Eric Bentley.

Every playwright should eat it for breakfast early in their career.

Messages from Water by Masaru Emoto

Because our bodies are mainly water with a few other bits and pieces thrown in.
Comment by Liz Wride on March 24, 2010 at 19:45
Thanks for the comment, James.
That book sounds really interesting.
Too many people (i.e. ME) think of fiction when asked about libraries, but one about Etiquette does sound fascinating.

Anybody got any other ideas??? : )
Comment by James Doyle-Roberts on March 23, 2010 at 20:45
A copy of "Debrett's Guide to Etiquette and Modern Manners".
Not because I'm a stickler for formality and good-form but, it's a fascinating read; the older the copy, the better.

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