Callout for Actors.

Speak Easy presents a rehearsed reading of the BA Scriptwriters final projects.

A range of acting opportunities for several diverse and dynamic performances to be staged from the 26th to 28th April at various locations. Auditions will be held on the 9th March from 13:00-18:00 at Atlantic House (USW Atlantic House, Smart Way, Cardiff CF10 4PP) in room AH005. To book a slot or for more information, please contact and they will get back to you ASAP.



Set in 2014, Ringland follows the lives of five disenfranchised teenagers who live on a poverty stricken estate, forced to find sanctuary from their constrictive parents, patrolling police and a gang of older boys who dominant the estate. The kids would like nothing more than to hide away from the world. However, with the Celtic Manor fortifying it's perimeters for the arrival of NATO, the eyes of the world is going to be on Ringland.

Character amount: 5


Blotto is an adult animation set in a modern 1920’s prohibition themed world. The story follows a sixteen year old boy’s descent into madness as he comes to terms with a series of identity problems. Blotto is a satire of a coming of age story, allusions to and criticisms of popular culture and social classes. Adapted for theatre, I am looking for two females and three males to act in a live theatrical performance.


A drama series tells the story of a family who are divided by betrayal, jealousy, and revenge. However, they each share a common desire of wealth and freedom. United by desperation the six part series drives the characters towards attempting a crime that is bigger than all of them. The series driven by characters who are filled with greed and lust culminates in an attempt to orchestrate a heist on a local bar.

Character amount: 4

Our Connection

Our Connection is a disability theatre play, set in 2016’s hospital corridor and also explores into the Victorian era. Tells the story of two 20 year olds, Nathan diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and Dorothy diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Forced to put up with each other in a confined space, they begin to see past their disabilities. Together they explore deeper into each other’s pasts of pain and suffering, as well as their search for happiness. Our Connection is a coming of age story, and discovers the importance of friendship and acceptance.

Character amount: 3

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