... is finally in the public domain! 13 ( yes, THIRTEEN) new productions creating not just a theatrical map of Wales, but also, in my view, a mix of productions that create signposts to the future of theatre itself.

Today's launch was memorable because it married these new beginnings with a contemporary voice; digital communication on a grandscale, but it remained, nonetheless, a human, very intimate event that allowed us to feel a sense of optimism and excitement about a shared creative future with all those wonderful launch-year artists! Wales theatrical future is as much about cultural convergeance as it is about playing with existing genres and that came through loud and clear today.

Congratulations to our fantastic hosts John & Lucy (who both really should
be ON the stage!) and to Dai & Phil for giving us all a sense of time &
place about the landmark event of which we were all a part. I am proud
that Wales - my country & my home - now has its very own National Theatre: a special place unlike any other where the creation of a new cultural heritage can begin.

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Comment by Femke van Gent on November 9, 2009 at 2:46
Hmmm, do you have to be ON stage to be important?
Sounds Like I've missed something... maybe strange question, but where was this best kept secret taking place, or is that the secret?

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