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What makes a good story? 6 Replies

Are you sitting comfortably?...then I'll begin. What makes up a good story? Some say never spoil a good story with the truth. I love it when the exaggeration gremlins get into a story.My Great…Continue

Started by Alan Samuel. Last reply by Peter Cox MBE Feb 1, 2013.

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Comment by Alan Samuel on February 14, 2013 at 11:57

We have almost clinched firm plans for the exhibition and launch event on 23rd and 24th March.

It would be great if there are TEAM members who can help us out - specialising in:
1) Digital media.
2) Marketing strategy.
3) Collating the stories from the event and documenting the weekend.
4) Any way you might like to get involved :)
From this exhibition we hope to seek out talent locally for future work.
To cut the story short, here's where we are at...
Reiterating our outcomes:
  • To engage/ re-engage with local communities and provide an excellent visitor experience. 
  • To share, capture and re-tell stories.
  • (To increase footfall by ?%)
  • To unite visitors through emotive concepts/ themes.
  • To showcase community capabilities and CARAD facilities.
  • To have fun!
We talked about a range of emotions, objects, avenues to unite audiences....
We have chosen People and Places as the broad concepts.
The exhibition will feature stories of the people in our communities and the places which hold meaning to them. We will use a range of storytelling formats. Maps of the local area and emotional maps will be exhibited and conceptualised to aid this process.
Some questions: What make a person? What makes a place?
The opportunity to share stories is a key feature of the exhibition (physically and digitally) and event.
The exhibition will evolve over time to focus in on elements of people and place - e.g. Food, Play, Family, Future, Love etc.
A lively treasure hunt event - organised by local individuals (both on foot and car). Also a story scavenger hunt - accessible both from CARAD on the launch weekend and online (perhaps through an online survey linked to the website).
Food will be an important feature of the event - perhaps linking in rewards for completing tasks.
We also like the idea of having a collator of the stories which come into CARAD on the launch weekend.
I would also like to see some temporary footprints - way-markers on the pavements sending people to CARAD.
I also like the idea of a 'Future Hope' element so people can visualise and voice their dreams - perhaps creating future images, stories and maps.
Ok, so we have around 5 weeks to get a quality exhibition and event goes...
Comment by Alan Samuel on February 6, 2013 at 20:17
Comment by Alan Samuel on February 6, 2013 at 20:16
Comment by Alan Samuel on February 2, 2013 at 9:34

Bex of CARAD has sight beyond sight...Treasure Hunt:

Comment by Alan Samuel on February 1, 2013 at 19:03

This is Kate's writing:

Bud...Soooooooo weird about the post booths - I had the exact same idea last night talking to Al on the way to Aber but called them Story boxes.  Great minds think alike. 
The postcards part - this was a large part of the Finding Rhayader exhibition at the museum in October so it would be good to bring them back out for viewing and to get some more going but maybe with a different angle like putting a specific picture of Rhayader on the front and the postcard to reflect how they feel about that place. 
At the moment I am mentally wanting to pin down the objective for this particular project although the 'super-objective' for the whole idea of storytelling is an ongoing project which ties into the museum and it's oral history and capturing of Rhayader traditions i.e. Xmas tree event, poaching etc.
This brings us back to what Henry stated in a previous email discussion: -
'things can develop quickly but how to keep your eye on the real things you were trying to accomplish is a quit something to keep control of
and very important is of course: the audience sees things for the first time when something is presented to them
try keep looking at things as if you see them for the first time'. 
During our in car brainstoming session last night Al and I touched on the following: -
Rhayader - community - what makes a community - what makes you feel part of the community -connecting with place - stories -  feeling of belonging - home. Does acquiring stories make you feel more connected to a place. Not all stories are positive.  What about the 'untold' stories i.e. those that Arthur was trying to look for the 'hush hush' type stories during his research of RRRRRiot. 
Mapping - through stories - Henry's idea of placing pebbles on favourite place in Rhayader in RRRRRiot council room- people placing smiley faces in town on their favourite/important places.   Recording this on map at HQ (Carad) - digital map - recording this via a google map type system.
An 'alternative tour of Rhayader' on the back of a trailer running twice a day over the weekend - not an original idea but then why does it have to be.  Content used from the stories collected in the Story booth/boxes.  Maybe have a performance on a speciffic spot along the route.
I also like the 'tall tale type stories' that have grown and developed through those that they have passed through - i.e. Chinese Whispers. Like Al quoted Brian Lawrence ' dont let the facts get in the way of a good story'.  Which brings us onto Myth/Legend type stories also - maybe create our own mystical Rhayader legend - however there are a few Rhayader 'Legends' (people) that are alive today and of course those that are no longer with us.
Comment by Alan Samuel on February 1, 2013 at 19:01

I like it Henry ... yes the third objects are the ones that got away...physically anyway. Reminds me of my Knight Rider die cast model of his car KITT...loved that car and loved what Knight Rider was all about - a lone man on a mission to sort stuff out "one man can make a difference" - ye, but he'd be flipin useless without KITT, cheesy lines only get you so far - turbo boost is required at some point. 

Makes me think about influences - what would you be if you hadn't seen what you saw on tv?

If anyone finds my KITT car, please can I have it back?

Comment by Henry J.Alles on February 1, 2013 at 9:17

This week one of our musicians in the group was shown a picture of the doll she used to have as a very small child, she lost the doll somewhere in life, but very distinctly felt the stories attached to the doll. Isn't the third object (next to books and pottery) on the shelf the doll or puppet?

Comment by Peter Cox MBE on February 1, 2013 at 9:01

Picking up on this theme of objects and stories here's a quote I've loved for years.  (So long though that I've forgotten who said it!)

"Things separate from their stories have no meaning. They are only shapes.  Of a certain size or colour. A certain weight.  When their meaning has become lost to us they no longer even have a name.  The story on the other hand can never be lost from its place in the world for it is that place."

Comment by Alan Samuel on January 31, 2013 at 23:13

Experienced The Coming Storm tonight courtesy of Kate Samuel:

A tangle of stories here,fraught. Made me think - we've got two ears and one mouth - something to remember when listening to Rhayader stories. 

Ideas: Changing perspectives...literally...a cherry picker/ lift to show Rhayader from above (a living map) - "where's your favourite place"? Also a linking theme - family and friends. Can you tell I'm 'Think-Typing'?

Comment by Henry J.Alles on January 29, 2013 at 17:40

I always seem to pay extra attention when RR starts talking ;-) now I am curious


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When we say 'faith' what is meant, what is felt, what's the nuance of the thing? How was spiritual impulse/practice colonised, repackaged, institutionalised, why is the impulse relevant to emancipatory practice? What poetry arose from our teachings? What is the diasporic, the

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