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NTW WALESLAB 'FROZEN' The questions and the beginning of the process.

How can we create a piece of theatre around trauma? Does theatre have a place in examining trauma? How do we talk about trauma?

How can we create a piece of theatre that does not traumatise the audience and ourselves?…


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NTW WALESLAB 'FROZEN' The beginnings of an idea

Some years ago I read a novel called Fugitive Pieces it follows the story of a young Polish boy who escaped the Nazis during the Second World War. He hides in a hole in the wall and witnesses the death of his parents. His sister disappears without trace.

He is discovered by an archeologist buried in earth in the middle of a wood.

For the rest of his life he is reminded…


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A week with Filament Theatre

I have been observing Filament Theatre devise their latest production of Momo, based on the children’s novel by German writer Michael Ende.   Momo is the story of a little girl who listens, who has time for anyone and everyone, but very soon the mysterious Men in Grey (MIG’s) appear, they are creeping up on the inhabitants of a small town  and stealing away their precious time.

Sabina Netherclift (director) and Osnat Schmool (composer) are co-directors, they fuse original multi part…


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100, 1000, 1 000 000 Stories Festival Bucharest

I arrive in Romania at 7am for the Assitej International Festival for Children which is now in it's seventh year and organised by Teatrul Ion Creanga, the Childrens's Theatre in Bucharest.

I am met at the airport by one of the company members and whisked off to the hotel, having not eaten since lunch time the day before (no-one mentioned that Luton virtually closes for the night) and not being one for a kip on the plane, too excited, I am keen to eat and get showered and changed. Why…


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Arrival for Children's Theatre Festival

On Wednesday I arrived in Warsaw for a Theatre Festival, I was told that someone would meet me at the Airport but there was no-one carrying that piece of paper with my name on. Oh well it's daytime and things don't feel so scary for the lone traveller when it's light. After wandering around the airport I eventually find the bus that will take me to Centrum, I have no idea really where I am going as I booked my flight on Friday and haven't had time to digest the 'Rough Guide' that I bought in… Continue

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Polish Children's Theatre Showcase

Tomorrow I am flying to Warsaw to take part in the 'Little Warsaw Theatre Meetings' A Children's Theatre showcase which is part of a greater theatre festival arranged through the Adam Mickiewicz Institute. I am visiting with Steve Davis from Spectacle Theatre and looking forward to seeing lots of shows and meeting new people.

30 / 31st Warsaw Theatre…

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Willow Placement @ National Theatre Wales

I'm in the office at NTW and have never written a blog in my life so here goes, in fact I have never tweeted although I do occasionally glance at Facebook, if I have the time, if I want to share information and probably when I need somebody to do something for me or want to rally the troops for the Gwent Theatre campaign. When I do spend time on it I discover a whole world that has passed me by. I was…


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save gwent theatre

Here is a video made by the students at Newport International Film School to 'Save Gwent Theatre' part of our campaign. It's not too late to help us. Watch our video to learn more and join our Facebook campaign to get…


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