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To Kill A Machine - coming to a venue near you

Well the first two performances of To Kill A Machine have been fantastic - the cast (Rick Yale, Gwydion Rhys, Robert Harper and Francois Pandolfo) are superb under Angharad Lee's direction. It's also a very timely piece - it's important to remember how bad injustice is, so if you do fancy a night out at the theatre, do come and see To Kill A Machine as it tours Wales - details are on the website

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gweithdy theatr ddogfen am ddim/Free documentary theatre workshop

Ar Dachwedd 19 o 3yh tan 6yh, bydd cyfarwyddwr artistig Theatr Arad goch yn cynnal gweithdy theatre fel rhan o wyl Being Human yr AHRC.

Bydd y gweithdy yn cychwyn efo theatre ferbatim h.y. drwy gyflwyno fersiwn wedi ei olygu o ddeunydd dogfennol, yn yr achos hwn adroddiad (dwyieithog) o achos adolygiad barnwrol gan y Comisiynydd Iaith yn erbyn National Savings and Investments.

Ail ran y sesiwn fydd ymryson, gan rai o fyfyrwyr uwchraddedig yr adran sydd yn dilyn y modiwl Interpretation… Continue

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DGW14: Last Night at the London Palladium

A scrap book of inspirations:


One man in his time plays many parts.

Girls' orthopaedic ward, Alder Hey Children's hospital, March 1991

Goody Whemper (May-she-rest-in-piece)

Giorgio Moroder

A photograph of Aberystwyth police yard, late nineteenth century

A hotel room in Staffordshire

The School  Performance Information (Wales) Regulations 2011

Y Lle Celf, Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Sir Ddinbych, 2013


I know where I…


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Theatr Lled-Wirioneddol

Ar hyn o bryd, rwy'n ceisio datblygu prosiect theatr lled-wirioneddol, hynny yw, mae'n cynnwys elfennau o theatr verbatim, ond hefyd elfennau dychmygus hefyd, drwy ddychmygu sut byddai'r sgyrsiau wedi digwydd? Yn naturiol mae hyn yn anodd efo pobol sydd yn bodoli yn y byd go iawn, gan fod angen i'r portread fod yn un realistig, ond hefyd un nad yw'n enllibus - tricky. O, ac er mwyn cymhlethu pethau mae e'n ddwyieithog. Oes gan unrhyw un unrhyw brofiadau o weithio ar theatr ferbatim?

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Dwy iaith

Yn 'Response Time: Beneath the Surface' (prosiect Scriptography Productions yn yr Oriel Nwy yn Aberystwyth dros y penwythnos) rhywsut fe orffenais i fyny yn sgwennu yn Gymraeg. Beth yw'r gwahaniaeth felly? Dwi'n llawer yn fwy polite yn Saesneg, llawer yn fwy ysgafn, Mae beth dwi'n sgwennu yn Gymraeg yn llawer yn fwy unig, fwy gwallgof, fwy trist. Felly os mai fy thema yn Saesneg yw bod cyfeillgarwch yn bwysig, ac grym yn lyffethair, yn Gymraeg, does yna ddim cyfeillgarwch ac mae yna bethau…


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Rain of blood went very well. A couple of empty seats at the Friday performance, and sold out on Saturday. There are some photographs from the show on Castaway's website, so you can see what you missed.$0


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Rain of blood - dress rehearsal tonight

Did the tech rehearsal for Rain of Blood last night. It's actually looking pretty good, so if you're at a loose end and you're in Aberystwyth on Friday or Saturday night, then do come along and see it. The films are excellent, the music is excellent, and even I laughed at the jokes.

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Rain of blood...first time with the band

I watched a rehearsal of Rain of Blood,  with the band in situ and performing the music last night - suddenly it's all starting to make s(usp)ense. I love it when the other creatives make a play into something a lot better than I wrote. The filming as I understand it is pretty much done, so as soon as we can get into the space we can see if that works within the context of an auditorium. I hope it does.

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Rain of Blood in Rehearsal

Well, Rain of Blood has been cast. The set designer has made some sketches - I've not seen them but they have been described to me as 'works of art'. A filming schedule has been set up (largely dictated by the availability of the locations). Costumes have been sourced. The next challenge is to 'man up' a vampy dress, and build a coffin with room for two. In my 'other life' it is said that 'Equity does not assist a volunteer.' In this life I think this means that working with people who do…


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Horror in Theatre

I have been thinking a lot about horror as a genre lately. It's proving to be a very difficult medium for theatre because with theatre the audience sees all of what's there. Horror works in film often because the viewer does not see what the character sees - we hear but don't see. The same would apply with radio I think. However, I think theatre needs to be a different kind of horror - more breach of trust horror than scary thing horror. Anybody got any good experiences of writing horror for…


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Rain of Blood

Working on the rewrites for Rain of Blood for Castaway Community Theatre's summer show. Getting some good lines in - hopefully not too intentionally funny.


Also written some new scenes for To Kill A Machine...some new characters folks.

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