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Good morning fellow members,


It’s been a pretty active couple of weeks at National Theatre Wales HQ we have been monitoring your feedback, fixing bugs and replying to your emails surrounding the changes made to the community.


We had a few minor glitches and initial scary moments over the first couple of days of the launch. The disappearing of the discussions from groups was one of those moments, but a little bit of digital tinkering and we found them down the back of our virtual sofa.


Since the launch activity on the community has sky rocketed, we have seen a rapid increase in people joining and participating. 


Blogs & Debates has sparked some interesting discussions and plenty of hot topics are being discussed within the NTW groups. The newly appointed group curators have been welcoming new members to the groups and facilitating lively debate.


Here are a couple of answers to FAQ resulting from the latest changes. 


Where can I find the old forums?


What information can members view on my public profile page

The only information other members can view are the answers to the questions below:


What I do:

A little more about me:


Projects I’m working on: 

Twitter @usernsame


You can view all the information you submitted on your profile page including your private information and can amend this at any time.


I will be going into the changes in more detail through a series of posts over the next few weeks starting with The Importance of ‘ My Profile Page’ later on today.


We are still very keen to know what you think, to give us anonymous feedback click the black feedback tab at the left of this page. 

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Comment by Geraint Desmond on May 23, 2012 at 9:00

It would be good if we could search/browse blogs and debates by topic.

Comment by Kelly Page on December 16, 2011 at 6:33

Thanks for the updates Matt! :-) Good to see all the kinks are being ironed out and the forums were found down the back to the virtual sofa. Guto from Elfen curated a great discussion on 'Marketing Theatre' that is interesting to link to. :-)

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