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 Day 4 in the Nash House!

Today has been a very productive day. We started the day by listening to the recordings we made of the public of Aberystwyth answering our questions. We created verbatim theatre by recreating what we heard and using the voices to create realistic characterisations. We took them to the extremes to create larger than life caricatures and then minimised our performances to make them naturalistic.
Later in the day, I was lucky enough to record my verbatim performances on camera. It was amazing to work with both sound and visual to create a recorded record of my work that will be used within the show!
Tonight, after all the hard work of rehearsals, we went to the bar on site at the Aberystwyth arts centre. Here's a picture of me, Meredith and Jack pretending to be the nuns from Sister Act which is showing in the Arts Centre at the moment. It's amazing to work so closely with such a welcoming and friendly cast.
Bring on the rest of the course!
P.S We are not doing Sister Act but Aberystwyth Arts Centre are!

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