National Theatre Wales in 20 years time?

Everyone at NTW has been thinking a lot about the future recently as we are about to embark on developing our next three-year plan.

In the summer of 2011 we asked TEAM members about their vision for NTW in 20 years time and much of this has already shaped our thinking. Here is a clip from what our performers (Brent MorganAli ZayChristina HandkeJohn Williams) thought.

I'll be adding more ideas from the day on to the TEAM group & it would be great to know your vision for NTW, so feel free to let us know your thoughts on where we should be heading.

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Comment by Bethan Marlow on January 26, 2012 at 8:58

In 20 years time the word 'theatre' won't be associated to boredom, school, old plays and posh people. It will be affordable, welcoming, exciting and innovative for everyone- absolutely everyone. That's my goal and if I haven't contributed to this over the next 20 years I'll be absolutely gutted.

But hang on....I think you guys have started doing this already! And me too. And loads of other creative practitioners in Wales.

You know what? In 20 years time, if we all keep writing/creating/directing/performing exactly what we want to (you know, that feeling where you go "I have to do this" and you've got no other choice) and stop making anything because we think we should or it'll sell or it's what "they" want, then I think it's going to be magical, brave and honest. 

I personally can't wish for more (except maybe for the NTW team, as a side-line, to discover how to make a human fly please).

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