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Cherry Blossoms, Contemporary dance & my first proper Shushi (it was good)!

Day 3 – Press Conference, Spring Blossom and National Ballet Company


Got some much needed sleep.  I managed to go through the day yesterday and stayed awake before crashing and getting my body clock adjusted hopefully – we will see! 


So day three in Tokyo and what a great day it was with John doing a press conference alongside the other international partners/ collaborators making up New National Theatre’s international…


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My first couple days in Tokyo

So I am writing this blog after realising that no matter how much I toss and turn to get back to sleep, jet lag has got me and my body clock isn't willing to let me be- think tomorrow will be difficult, bring on the coffee!

I arrived on Sunday having left a snowy London Heathrow.  It wasn't as warm as I had hoped, didn't have much joy with sim card at the airport and then thought I had taken the wrong train from the airport to the apartments.  But actually the train was right and I…


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My last 'Assembly' as Creative Associate

Two years ago I embarked on a journey from London to be interviewed for the role of Creative Associate at NTW. I returned to the big smoke thinking that I had failed miserably as my interview went quite bad.  The 'Wales' section in my future autobiography was to remain a figment of my imagination.  However surprisingly I was given a reprieve, which I grabbed with both hands.  I arrived at the second interview prepped and ready to give an account of myself which was a proper reflection of me.…


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