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Little Twitches - Bethan Rose Young-NYTW & Frantic Assembly

Little Twitches -  Bethan Rose Young

So today has been pretty incredible thus far, Frantic are wonderful. We did an exercise today in which we observed and identified each other’s habits whilst telling a story, and it was really bizarre to hear about things your body does without you even realising it, the little…

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Rich, shared experience - Fran Brunzel Roberts NYTW & Frantic Assembly

Beautiful, Rich Shared Experience - Fran Brunzel-Roberts

Day two; legs are a bit stiff but I blame myself for the post 10 hour rehearsal day run down the mammoth that is the Aber hill! So far the morning has involved a very generous, open and truthful session in which a lot of work has been sparked from. We have moved each other and it’s exciting to think that with these…

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Faye Steere -Holding on for dear life NYTW'13 & Frantic Assembly

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably interested in the goings on behind the scenes of the NYTW/Frantic Assembly rehearsals… well if you’ve got any idea, then please let me know, as we’ve been running, using a measuring tape to create movement and lifting people in the most frightening and yet exhilarating manner, so as you can see the show could go anywhere! It took me about five minutes to work up the guts to just run, jump and hold on for dear…


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Difficult but wicked - Chloe Collins


We’ve just finished the first day of rehearsals and I am EXHAUSTED, but my favourite type of tiredness, knowing that today we’ve got somewhere as a cast and creative team. Good pain, if there is such a thing.

Anyway, I’m off to get a hot shower and chill out before another long, difficult but wicked day of…


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Ellis Duffy on his first day with The Nash & Frantic Assembly

Welcome all to the wonderful blog of Mr Ellis Duffy.

Soooo… back at Nash and it seems like we never left, although there are many differences this year the feelings are all the same. We have just been to the first rehearsal of ‘dead born grow’ and it’s fair to say Frantic put us through our paces… demanding but very fun..  I’m looking forward to seeing what future rehearsals bring and bring on DEAD BORN GROW!

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NYTW & Frantic Assembly - Zac Barrow

And so it begins…The first day of Nash. Memories are already flooding back from last year, but the energy of dead born grow has already established itself as a dynamic, physical piece of staged theatre. This is quite a contrast to the site-specific, promenade theatre. I’ve already been pushed physically and that was just in the warm up. New ideas have already been born and are growing in our minds. It’s all very exciting! Today, we were given the freedom to choose and select our own costumes…


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Jessica Tait - National Youth Theatre Wales & Frantic Assembly

So 12 very excited young actors arrived in Aberystwyth yesterday afternoon ready for the 3 week residency and today is the first day in rehearsals. Eddie and Jess put us through our paces in a tough warm up this morning focussing on strengthening our bodies for the coming weeks, before giving us a lot of group exercises in order to heighten our awareness of one another amongst the group.

The feeling of being back in the rehearsal space with NYTW is like no other and everybody is so…


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