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Photo: Michael Sheen from the movie 'RESISTANCE' based on the novel by Owen Sheers.

What can we do as fans of Art, Theatre and Culture against the nefarious decisions of some Governments to cut budgets to Theaters and Museums? We can write blogs? We go into the streets to protest? Someone tell us please!

In Italy the Teatro Valle in Rome in protest, is…


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'A Great Emotion'

I feel very involved, almost overwhelmed by this representation, more than I expected. Maybe because in February I lost my mother, I don't know but I'm so emotionally excited by what is happening thousands of miles from's amazing! I can hear from here all your trepidation and excitement for this wonderful job that awaits you. I will work these days, but I'll always…


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'Sheenian Sisters'

I had an idea and I created this group: SHEENIAN SISTERS that brings together the 10 most genuine and biggest Michael Sheen's fans that I met on Twitter! We come from different countries and continents, but we share a love for this wonderful and chameleon-like . Some of us are going to London to see HAMLET, but unfortunately we will not meet.

We are sisters in life…


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'United Artists against the cuts to funding for the Art'

In the photo Michael Sheen as Nero.

Michael Sheen and other distinguished British stage actors have signed a letter to the British Government, to protest against cuts to funding for the Art.

Michael Sheen in the role of Nero would scream as his anger: "Don't you dare!..."...and would be right!

These cuts would hardly allow the survival of local art…


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I state that I'm enormously happy for the triumph of 'THE KING'S SPEECH', its director Tom Hooper and  Colin Firth, was the best film and really deserved to win.

But I would like to say on the work of members of the Academy. In 2009 Tom Hooper realized another great movie: 'DAMNED UNITED' played brilliantly by Michael Sheen.

I don't understand why two years…


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Born Michael Christopher Sheen in Newport, Wales on the 5th February 1969 to Irene and Meyrick Sheen. Since childhood, Michael was a football fan, played after school until late at night can see the ball. He was 12-years old when during a holiday on the Isle of Wight, playing against a former Arsenal player, Tony Adams who was then 16 years. He was offered a place in the…


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The meaning of Passion for me in recent days.

Michael Sheen in the picture during a visit to Port Talbot for the preparation of THE PASSION (via tumblr).

I lost my sweet mother on February 15th due to lymphoma.

I have a question: what's the passion for an ordinary human being?

I've seen her fight this desease with all her strenght for nine months, she was very brave and undergone to any treatment…


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Thanks to Tom Beardshaw for giving me this opportunity! I'm so proud and happy to be part of this amazing project! My job doen't allow me to stay in touch with my true PASSIONS: cinema, theatre, music and art. Be part of a blog like yours makes me happy. I'll do my best. Maria

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