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Paul Colley

Like many people, I've been a bit in shock for the past week at the news of the sudden and unexpected death of Paul Colley.

I worked with Paul for at Contact in Manchester when we were re-launching the building and the company after a big renovation and years of closure. Paul had worked at the old Contact Theatre and brought a great passion for and love of repertory theatre to our new, rather untraditional model. But he was also a man who embraced and loved challenges, and he quickly… Continue

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The week before ..the week before the show...

....Thing is.... im working with actors who say the following things

Caroline Bunce - eating cake - Chapter Arts Centre ' Steve?....ive got just one word to day to you' ( Steve is our designer) ' Pants!' she says nearly at the top of her voice..'Oh its alright love. says Steve....'I

dont expect you to go on stage - commando' ..and thats the end of that bit of the costume meeting.....

Nathan Sussex....you lot go around calling your selves…


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Big trouble this morning. John lost his temper and told us the only reason we got picked from the auditions was that he wanted an 'upward curve' in the quality of productions. He called us 'second ra…

Big trouble this morning. John lost his temper and told us the only reason we got picked from the auditions was that he wanted an 'upward curve' in the quality of productions. He called us 'second raters'. Huw burst into tears and John called him a 'wuss'. John talked to me privately later and told me that he hates me. It all started when I commented on a pair of sparkly socks he was wearing. Sharon is in rehab. They're replacing all her blood. I talked to a well known Welsh actor yesterday and… Continue

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The Blind Harpist revisited

One of Barmouth's most intriguing and legendery characters was 'the blind harpist', Dafydd Roberts.
I met up with local musician Chris Knowles who actually has his Celtic harp, bought at auction. He played a composition by Roberts himself called 'Ar y traeth yn Bermo', 'On the beach in Barmouth'.
How appropriate!

Dafydd Roberts on the prom,…

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Heart Of Darkness | Review

A review of Give It A Name's performance of Heart Of Darkness over at buzzmag.co.uk.

Powerful and thrilling, but also flawed, I felt. Feel free to comment!

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heart of darkness - more reviews

Here's 2 more reviews, again with differing slants and opinions



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Heart of Darkness: 10 Feet Tall

My first review as a New Critic is here


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arts campaign


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TEAM - Shape The Future Of National Theatre Wales

Do you want to shape the future of National Theatre Wales?

If so...

We are looking for TEAM members in all areas of Wales but especially at our 2010/2011 show locations.

South Wales Valleys/Swansea/Cardiff/Barmouth/North Wales/Brecon Beacons/Bridgend/Newport/Snowdonia/Aberystwyth/Milford Haven/Port Talbot and beyond.

Join other TEAM members in running events, sharing your ideas and spreading the word.

In exchange we offer you a chance to get behind… Continue

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"Seven Jewish Children" by Caryl Churchill - Marches Tour

Theatre Current is touring "Seven Jewish Children", Caryl Churchill's

acclaimed and controversial 'play for Gaza', to venues in the Marches during

February and March. Written in response to Israel's brutal attack on Gaza…


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Wales and Brazil

It's an exiting time at National Theatre Wales, not only because our first shows are around the corner, but because of an exchange we are taking part in with artists from Brazil.

Following on from our Soul Exchange Workshop earlier this month where young creative leaders from Contact in Manchester shared ideas and experience with their counterparts from Butetown in Cardiff we are really pleased to be sending… Continue

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Pit, Cranium Wow and Understanding Games

Still playing stacks of games. Here are two fun table-top games.


Why is this fun game not more widely known? A fast-paced game of trading cards which represent stocks like wheat, flax and barley. You need about…


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Barmouth by rail

If you intend coming to see For Mountain, Sand & Sea in the summer I would really recommend traveling by rail. Entering Barmouth via crossing…

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Latest News

Hi, Boyd Clack here again. Rehearsals continue in a whirwind of nastiness and backbiting. I intend to keep out of it. The main arena of animosity seems to be between Alan, the writer and John, the director. They don't even try to disguise their mutual contempt. John is constantly belittling Alan. He forced him to wear a chicken costume in yesterdays rehearsal. Every time Alan tried to speak, John would drown him out by clucking loudly. It's childish if you ask me. Remember I said that the girls… Continue

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What happened Next 2

This Sunday sees the second installment of What Happened Next?

Last month 6 new plays kicked off their first 10' and the audeince said what they felt they liked, did not like and wanted to see happen next

This Sunday at 7.30pm in Chapter - ask at Box Office for exact location - the 6 plays present the next 10' having taken into account - or completely ignored the audeince feedback.

At the end of the plays this week Jennifer Hartley will be showing…


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A Good Night Out - Emerging Director

Hi everyone

As we go into Week Four of rehearsals on A Good Night Out in the Valleys, I feel it’s about time to introduce myself. My name is Ross Leadbeater and I am the Assistant Director on the show. I’ve been awarded the first of the NTW’s Emerging Director roles and I must say that the experience so far has been an amazing one.…


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Manic Monday: exciting spoken word & performance poetry - March 1st

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I am a photographer, not a terrorist.

An amateur photographer stopped by police, questioned and arrested under the new law anti-terrorist.


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