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Day 93 - Fish and Chips and Happy Birthday Clint - Along the Prom, Aberystwyth

Rimini Protokoll arrived in Aberystwyth for the first time today. At around 9:20pm. I waited for a while in the Shilam, drinking odd tasting Tetleys and reading the Independant. Apparently Clint Eastwood is 80 today (unless of course it was an old copy of the paper). We ended up going for fish and chips before heading to Rummers for a drink. Up early tomorrow. I'm interested to see how they make sense of Aberystwyth, the schedule looks fascinating.

The next ten days…

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Back to Bermo at last

I am finally on my way back to Bermo to begin the residency in full. Stopped over at the Hay festival on the way for an event on behalf of NTW where The Guardian critic Michael Billington interviewed Lucy Davies, Mike Pearson and me. What a charming man, and, as we discovered over dinner a fervent disciple of Ken Dodd !

He even donated us his case of cava ( the Hay gift to participating artists), much to the delight of Catrin (NTW’s wonderful press officer) who is also ‘caring’ for mine as… Continue

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Help us create the Cardiff Assembly!

Is Cardiff a young city?

Tell us what you think!

We have been pounding the streets of Cardiff for the last 2 days asking the shoppers and sun worshippers of Queen Street, Church Street and The Hays for their stories and memories of Cardiff.…


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Day 92 - Standing in the ruins of an abandoned village - Greystones Motel, Near Sennybridge

I stand motionless upon a small patch of concrete. Beside me to my left is… Continue

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92.2 - NTW Talk - The Book Festival, Hay-on-Wye


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Play Eurovision Bingo

Eurovision Bingo is a game I found on the web. You need: people, a television set, paper and pens. (Some gin might help too.)

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'GWERTH' @ Coal Exchange


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Day 90.1 - Anwen Jones (the actual) Interview - Parry Williams, Aberystwyth

Follow link if you have any difficulties playing the podcast…

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Mess Up The Mess needs inspiring theatre makers who enjoy working with young people

Mess Up The Mess Theatre Company are looking for bi-lingual directors, technicians, workshop facilitators and stage managers who have a passion for creating theatre with young people. We are particularly interested in those who enjoy working with harder to reach groups of young people or have worked in a training capacity at some point. During the summer and early autumn we will be delivering…


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Day 90 - Anwen Jones Interview - Parry Williams building, Aberystwyth

I won't go into great detail here. Part of the interview will go up as a pod cast later today. I will post the link on the blog.

I'm off to the arts centre to meet Gill Ogden in a minute to talk about screening Notes From...Then off to pick up Poppy and back up the hill for a meeting with Carl.

I'm in the corner of the library at present. Lime green wall to my left, an exposed patch of plaster in… Continue

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Day 89.1 - Didn't make it Podcast instead - Voices online

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Day 89 - Standing up Plynlimon - Waiting to be picked up, Aberystwyth

About to head up the mountain for a standing... maybe two... even three

I Managed to get myself a ticket to the event in Hay. Just need to figure out how to get there. Might head down with Sam and document some further standings along the way.


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Writers Guild Books Co-op

I've joined the Writers' Guild Co-operative for self-publishing W.G.G.B. members.

It may turn out to be an invaluable resource. Or the last refuge of the terminally deluded.

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Day 88 - Publikumsbeschimpfung - Centre For Visual & Performing Arts, Aberystwyth

Don't ask me to say it. I can't. I did just try and failed impressively. The students at the College put on a cracking show. I haven't been back since I left to commence this research project and it was a strange experience. A bit like returning to school after taking time off ill... terrifying…


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PERSIANS. O'Reilly. blog one

How do you make a new version of the first play in the Western theatrical canon, which also happens to be the World’s oldest recorded script, first produced in 472 BCE and written, in my opinion, by a genius?

The PERSIANS group page has lain silent for so long partly because of the efforts needed to broach the above, and my superstitious Irish soul not wanting to hex the process in what has been one of the most illuminating and exhilarating projects of my life.

PERSIANS… Continue

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Gaming meets theatre... Play tests and game development in Prestatyn

Gaming meets theatre... Or is it vice-versa?


At the moment Rhiannon, Bethan and I are working on refinements to our game design document, which is the definitive guide to everything that can happen in the course of The Beach game.

The game design document - or GDD - is like a script I suppose because there are… Continue

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The Devil Inside Him - a longer review

I reviewed The Devil Inside Him in about 250 words for the latest issue of Buzz Magazine, out 1 June, but as part of the National Theatre Critics scheme I submitted a longer, more reflective piece on the play to my mentor Lyn Gardner, which I've posted below.… Continue

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