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Tokyo Rehearsal Blog Week 3: Cherry Blossom and Details

I’m writing this on the Toyoko Line train to Motomachi-Chukagai, where I’m heading to see an interesting-sounding performance by Chiten company at the Kanagawa Arts Theatre.  It’s my day off and I’ve decided to do a theatre splurge – I spend four and a half hours this afternoon at the National Noh Theatre.  There the highlight was probably a half hour long dance by a…


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Japan Diary Week Two: Brown Paper Rehearsals

At the centre of The Opportunity of Efficiency is the character Ken Lomax – a business consultant who measures the effectiveness and efficiency of companies’ processes and makes recommendations for re-structuring (usually involving a lot of people getting sacked).  The method Ken uses to assess a business’s ways of working is called ‘the brown paper exercise’.  This…


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Community and Theatre - the Process Debate.

It was interesting to read Lyn Gardner’s blog in The Guardian today on community theatre and how we judge it, inspired partly by the fact that, sadly, she had not enjoyed NTW’s recent production De Gabay at all.

Her main question was whether we should judge…


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Tokyo Rehearsal Diary 2: From Jetlag to Cityscapes

Here's the cast for The Opportunity of Efficiency - from left to right, Haruka Shibuya (playing Jennifer Field), Kosuke Toyohare (Ken Lomax), Shu Nakajima (Mr Grant), Reiko Tajima (Mrs Grant), Yuko Miyamoto (Iffy Scott) and Yusei Tajima (no relation to Reiko, playing Jasper Hardy).  In the pic, everyone's at a cast meal celebrating completion of the first week of rehearsals,…


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Arrival Tokyo - Rehearsal Days 1 and 2

I arrived in Tokyo on Tuesday evening, and now it's Thursday night.  So far I've had two days or rehearsal for The Opportunity of Efficiency, one production meeting and a meet and greet. I've been to another play at the theatre, searched for a SIM card (no joy) and eaten a plenty of rice and skewered chicken but no sushi.   No photos yet, I'm afraid - will try and sort that out (but I have managed a few shaky vine videos - shared on Twitter).  I'm staying in the Hatagaya neighbourhood, just…


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