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The National Theatre of Kosovo

I have sent the following email to relevant members of the Kosovon government and press.  It is written from a personal perspective, but I feel that it represents the overwhelming view of people in this community.  I'm also attaching Jeton Neziraj's original email calling for action at the bottom for anyone who didn't see this.  Let's hope that Eid sees a change of spirit in the Kosovon government!


Dear Sirs,

It is with great distress that we at National Theatre…


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Congratulations to Laura Free, our 3,000th Member

It's just over 2 years since we set up our online community at National Theatre Wales and yesterday we passed the benchmark of 3,000 members.  Congratulations to Laura Free our 3,00th member. 


Laura, the prize for you is quite special.  We have commissioned a limited edition set of love spoons to be made from the cross that featured in our production of The Passion.  Each spoon will be individually carved and should be a real collector's item.  To claim your prize, contact…


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Petition for Freedom Theatre

Hi All, the excellent Sonja Linden of the pioneering Ice and Fire Theatre Co has picked up our campaign and framed an online petition on behalf of all UK Theatre Makers.  Thank you Sonja!  We can all sign the petition here


Please add your names, even if you signed the letter already (especially if you did in fact) It's an online petition so I…


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An Open Letter from the Theatre Makers of Wales

The following letter went to The Western Mail and The Guardian today.  Copies will follow to the Heritage Ministry of the Welsh Government and the Israeli Embassy in London.  Many thanks to all who have supported this small but important attempt to speak up for the role of theatre in one of the world's most difficult situations.  I hope that our friends and colleagues in Jenin will be heartened to know that we hold them in our hearts.


Open Letter from the Theatre Makers of…


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