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Congratulations Michael and Bill

Huge congrats to Michael Sheen and Bill Mitchell on their Best Director award for NTW13 The Passion at the UK Theatre Awards.  We are all thrilled for them and very proud.  We reckon there should also have been a special award for Best Town in a New Production - for Port Talbot.  Here's what the Guardian had to say.

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Poetry and the Land

An inspiring day on Friday visiting Gillian Clarke on her farm near Aberaeron.  We talked of 'poetry and the land' as key to Welsh artistic tradition - and to our work at NTW.  We raised a cup of coffee to Kaite O'Reilly and Owen Sheers - examples of how poetry and theatre can step with a bold iambic foot into each others' worlds.  And we talked about young farmers in West Wales and young rappers on the streets of Cardiff and Manchester keeping poetry alive through the thrill of out-rhyming…


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Sometimes time collapses.  Warsaw was the first place I ever went outside of Britain. I was twenty one years old and had never flown - never had the money.  But i had a job offer in a university in the far east of Poland, and was obsessed with Polish theatre, and wanted to change the world, so why not get on a plane with about £100 and a teach yourself Polish book, and a letter of invitation, and go and live behind the Iron Curtain for a year.  The plane flew from Heathrow to Warsaw, at the…


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