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Happy New Year

A very happy new year indeed to everyone who is part of the National Theatre Wales community.  It's been an extraordinary year for all of us - from the scale and spirit of that Sunday night at a roundabout in Port Talbot when 12,000 people turned up to see the heartstopping final moments of The Passion, to the storming of Edinburgh by Welsh Theatre companies including both our national theatres, the great Welsh talent behind Muscle, and many new and smaller companies proudly strutting their…


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Debate: What is Political Theatre Now?

Working on The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning  - arguably NTW's most overtly political piece of theatre to date, I've been asking myself 'What is political theatre today?'  Is it a question of subject-matter - a campaigning play bringing an urgent issue to people's attention via a familiar medium.  Or is it as Brecht, Piscator and the 'real' John McGrath of 7:84 Theatre would have it, equally a matter of form - the shape in which a theatre piece comes - the ways in which it causes us to…


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Tokyo Blog

A jetlagged Monday morning after flying back from Tokyo yesterday.  Gary Owen and I had been invited over to research a possible project as guests of the wonderful New National Theatre.  I'd never been but had often dreamed of Tokyo.  My Tokyo was mainly in my mind - coming from writers such as Murakhami and Oe more than TV or even film.  But like New York, Tokyo is burned…


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