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Happy New Year

All the very best to all members of the ever-vibrant NTW community on New Year's Eve.  2012 was a fantastic year culturally, and we will all have extraordinary memories.  I'm incredibly proud of the shows that NTW produced during Year 2 of our programme - from the outrageous Village Social to the epic Coriolan/us, from the fine detail of A Provincial Life to the adrenalin rush of Little Dogs, from the political questioning of The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning to the bold experiment of…


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Scurlock 14

Within a few hours, one of the worst years of my life will thankfully be over but please do not despair on my behalf. My pickle has not fallen off its burger and the fried egg of happiness has not totally slid off the greasy plate of joy. The next year will be a battle, as it will be for all of you out there, to achieve things that you wish to achieve in spite of the forces set against you.

'The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.'-…


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Happy New Year - story to cheer you up

A quick story to hopefully cheer up those suffering, like me, from the Christmas/holiday blues. If you like this story, there's more available under 'Dean Scurlock' at Amazon e-book kindle store.


John Macilroy and the Dog That Came In From the Cold

(Or ‘Tinkerer, Time-Traveller, Solderer, Berk’)

At 31 years, John Macilroy was a constant nuisance to his Nana…


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Fusion Inspire: Journey through the creative mind: The Dragon Tree at Christmas


What were you up to at Christmas? Here's my updates for my new production The Dragon Tree ...



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Fusion Inspire: The Dragon Tree Graffiti Spray at National Botanic Garden of Wales


Come and have a look at my blog about the time lapse film made for my new production ....

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Opportunity for Artists - Residencies in the Netherlands

Here's a fantastic opportunity for artists from our friends at Peergroup in the Netherlands.  It's called the 'Portable Artist in Residence' and anyone can apply.  Click here for all the details..

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NTW Xmas Lunch

Happy Xmas all

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The End is Nigh!

The End Is Nigh!

So tomorrow we should tell those people we love that we love them just one last time, because if those bloody Mayans turn out to be master of fortune in 24 hours we're doomed to be ashes and dust.

But I'm not panicing.

But today I have pondered the idea of the end "being nigh", as my 2 hour train journey turned into a 4 hour train journey, please, please, please don't ask.

I've been…


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Super Assembly Bangor - an experience

The wind howled around the  clock face of Bangor's central meeting point,  Huddled around its base were the Super Assembly audience, justifiably nervous as  the event was advertised as happening on the streets of Bangor.   This was the point; the premiss of the Assembly was that there is nowhere for the youth of Bangor to go, nothing for them to do and yet the town is home to a university and it hosts a thriving student community.  Could Bangor be the poster…


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Screen Writing

Nadolig Llawen, Merry Christmas to all the writers, Here's to a creative and productive 2013

New Writers 10 week course begins end of Jan @ Bridgend College 'Writing Screenplays'

Its about returning back to film, writing that Oscar winning story that's bursting to get out of you and getting your script polished to send dare I say it Hollywood or maybe closer to home the good old BBC.

Forum @ Sherman will continue in January, get your scripts at the…


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A recent report for the Arts Council Of Wales entitled Beyond the Stereotypes:

A review of Gypsies/Roma/Travellers and the Arts in Wales acknowledged the impact of the work of the Romani Cultural & Arts Company and made a clear recommendat

ion that organisations working for and within the…

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Bring a performance to World Stage Design 2013: Only 2 days left for applications round 1.

There are only 2 days left before the deadline for the first round of applications to bring a performance to WSD2013.

Companies and artists from the UK and around the world are being invited to apply to bring performances to Scenofest, WSD2013.  Applications are encouraged from a broad range of work, and could include collective or solo shows, live art and installation, public participation pieces and everything in between.

Applications are welcome from practitioners at every…


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Preview performance 1

This weekend was our first whole cast rehearsal of the opening 3 songs and for an added bit of pressure this was put together for the first time half an hour before the audience  for our Christmas Showcase arrived! The premiere of Joseph was well received at our end of term show…


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I'll be there now, in a minute...

Hi All,


Just thought I'd let you know about my one-woman show 'I'll be there now, in a minute', which I shall be performing at the Tristan Bates Theatre in London on the 26th January, as part of their 'First' season of solo performances. You can find more information and book tickets here:


Also, I am very excited to be moving back to the…


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NYTW is seeking a Creative Activist

National Youth Arts Wales is seeking applications for the brand new post of National Youth Theatre of Wales (NYTW) Creative Activist, to join its team based in Cardiff.

NYTW Creative Activist (full-time, 12-month contract)   This new position will engage directly and creatively with young people, and the youth theatre and professional theatre sectors across Wales.

Closing date: 11 January 2013

For further details…


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A very curious zoo indeed...

I really loved getting out into deepest darkest Canton last night to see Caroline Sabin's A Curious Zoo. Its billing left me wondering whether I was in for a treat or a fright or both - and I was glad to be proved right!

It was an amazing fantastic-al evening - melancholic winter-tainment with a hint of hohoho. Plus there was more than a little myth, fairy tale and folk story twisted into it - shaggy dogs to provoke, chill and warn. 

Recommended if you'd like some twisted…


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One step closer

Hi everyone,

I had another fantastic day of filming at the WMC yesterday. Met some lovely people! Its another step in the right direction, which I am very excited about. x

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Last Christmas**** - Young Critics Review

Last Christmas ****

Dirty Protest

Written by Matthew Bulgo

Starring Sion Pritchard

Directed by Kate Wasserberg

For a lot of people, Christmas is more bitter than sweet, with loved ones who are no longer around missed more amid the happy chaos of the usual celebrations. It's a time we build ourselves up so much to enjoy that, often, it's a disappointment when it finally comes around (especially the staff Christmas do). And a time when, custom tells us, we should be… Continue

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