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Turns out Mathew Lloyd is not as nice as you might think, he called me a name earlier then he put sand in my plimmies!

This behaviour has driven me to tears and now that I have stopped crying on the phone to my mother, I'm going to let the world know.

He threw a snotty tissue at me yesterday which I thought was friendly banter. It wasn't!

Stop smoking, it's not cool!!
Stop referring to yourself by your last name…

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Launch 6th August at the Cardiff Arts Institute

The Celtic Learners Network is a new organisation that provides a wide range of Humanities courses in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. Set up by three experienced and enthusiastic partners, we have a young, vibrant team of tutors that offer courses in a diverse range of subject areas such as creative writing, photography, art, history.

We provide workshops, lectures, day schools and weekly classes in two central venues: Cardiff Arts Institute (Park Place) and Barry Library. Our goal… Continue

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The Beach review

My name is… Dylan

My age is… 30

I live in… Cardiff

But I’m originally from… Mid Wales

‘That’s not very specific,’ says NTW producer Lucy Gough, standing…


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One minute with... Bethan Marlow, co-writer of The Beach

Bethan Marlow is a dramatist, ideas factory and force of nature.

Every video like this is tagged… Continue

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First Blog

It's the day after the night before, and I am happy to say I am not full up with cold!!! Happy days! Everyone was fantastic yesterday, really mucking in even though the weather was wet, to say the least.

It has been a great 3 week process, lots of laughs, lots of storming out of rehearsals, lots of fights, like real fights with blood and broken bones, but that's how Catherine rolls!

But on a more serious note it has been a great process, and for a piece of…

Added by Michael Humphreys on July 31, 2010 at 11:46 — 4 Comments

One minute with... Gary Campbell, set designer

Gary turns dreams into reality. And reality into dreams.

This is the latest in the mini-series… Continue

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Edinburgh - any shows to recommend for review?

Hi everyone,

I'm heading to Edinburgh this year for just a week to see lots of shows and do lots and lots of writing. I've somehow managed to blag my way in as a sort of runner for Lyn Gardner at the Guardian, meaning that I will be spending every day seeing as much as I possibly can and then reporting back to Lyn on what she should go and see for review. There are obviously way too many shows for Lyn to see, let alone review, so she has entrusted me (god help her) with the… Continue

Added by Ben Bryant on July 30, 2010 at 16:30 — 4 Comments

One minute with... Cassey Driver, assistant stage manager of The Beach

One minute with the highly organised Cassey Driver. See the tag oneminutewith for… Continue

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Childs Play with NTW on The Beach in Prestatyn

When was the last time you went to the beach? The last time you played a game? Acted like a child? ... escaped the chaos of everyday life, the mess and disorganisation that is the reality of our worlds and had good old childish fun? With a narrative that makes you feel you are part of something much deeper and bigger then yourself ... a focus on 'we' not 'I' ... The Beach hits home!

For me I did this last night, played games on a beach in Prestatyn, and lost myself in the production.… Continue

Added by Kelly Page on July 30, 2010 at 11:30 — 7 Comments

One minute with... Rob and Matt, game technicians and musicians

Affable local chaps Rob and Matt have had to learn the ins and outs of being game technicians on the job here at The Beach.

They have their work cut out so I had to catch them mid-sandwich for this interview.

This belongs to the mini-series One minute with... See the tag oneminutewith for… Continue

Added by Carl Morris on July 30, 2010 at 11:00 — 2 Comments

Party at Saronie's Cafe, Scala Arts Centre

I WILL get the hang of this YouTube malarky! - me and hols had a great time at the party - over to Holly - she's much better at this than me - Thxs so much 4 makin this a peformance 2 remeber & thank you for putting us in the brocher, we r 4eva greatful, luv Holly… Continue

Added by Jan Miller on July 30, 2010 at 9:43 — 3 Comments

THE BEACH on the beach prestatyn 27th July 2010

photographed Tuesday, played on Wednesday, went to the party on Thursday night -… Continue

Added by Jan Miller on July 30, 2010 at 9:00 — 1 Comment

One minute with... Fiona Curtis, stage manager

The second in the mini-series One minute with...

Incidentally if you want a stage manager then Fiona Curtis could be your person!

Check the tag oneminutewith for more in the next few… Continue

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How's it going?

'What does a Welsh person sound like?'


'How do I know?!'

So after the initial reaction to the huge question, I began to think about the details of my utter cluelessness and realised it wasn't through a lack of knowledge that I couldn't answer this question: it was because there was a full warehouse in my brain with a zillion different answers and I couldn't fathom where the beginning…

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One minute with... Rhiannon Cousins, co-writer of The Beach

This is the first in the mini-series One minute with...

Each is a video interview in one minute (approximately!) talking to someone involved in The Beach production. This one is Rhiannon Cousins.

I hope you enjoy these glimpses into the roles of the people who are working hard to make it happen.

I am having to steal little moments to do these and definitely… Continue

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Hometown and Far Away

A week of retraced journeys. First as I set off for Manchester to catch the last couple of days of Contacting the World – a wonderful initiative which brings together 12 companies of young performers from across the world in a year-long exchange of ideas, inspiration and ways of making theatre. It all culminates in a week long festival at Contact, Manchester, where I was Artistic Director before coming… Continue

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Lavior (Words)

Lavior is the latest piece from contemprary choreographer Isaac Blake. Described as a dark and menacing…


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Pay it forward

In the social economy, businesses that "pay it forward" and actively employ generalised reciprocity as part of baseline engagement and communication with their audiences, increase the value and social capital of their brand in each online network with which they engage ... or so says this new HBR article…


Added by Deborah Powell on July 27, 2010 at 12:30 — 2 Comments

STRAIGHT - by Neil Bebber (produced by UNDEB THEATRE) NEW DATE ADDED!


Due to exceptional demand, an 8.30pm show has been added on Thurs 29th of July.

A few tickets are still available for the following:

8.30pm on Friday 30th July

7.10pm and 8.30pm on Saturday 31st July

(A free minibus will be leaving for a secret destination from the Cardiff Arts Institute at the times listed)

Tickets are £8 and are available to buy in person from the Cardiff Arts Institute now!

Hope you can make… Continue

Added by Neil Bebber on July 27, 2010 at 9:15 — No Comments

The Beach - Frequently Asked Questions video with Charlie and TJ

Thinking of coming to The Beach in Prestatyn this week?

This helpful video may answer any lingering questions you may have.

If not there's a Frequently Asked Questions document with even more info.

Reminder: there's a… Continue

Added by Carl Morris on July 26, 2010 at 18:00 — 1 Comment

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