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Feel Good Friday

As I reflect on the week gone by I am in total shock.

Shocked at the events that have happened and are happening in the world.

What's going on? I ask myself.

In a world where I one day want children of my own I'm scared at the world that they'll be brought into at the moment. I want a world where people, no matter of skin colour, religion, sexual orientation, age etc can join hands and be united. That's the world I want my children to come into.

But will that ever be… Continue

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New NTW TEAM Workout & Skill Swap: Saturday 9th July in Tonyrefail...

Hello everyone
Just to let you know that we can now confirm that the next TEAM Workout and Skill Swap will be on Saturday 9th July as part of the Festyrefail.  It will run from 11am-5pm at the Rhondda Bowl (details …

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The Challenges of Creating bilingual theatre (Welsh:English/Cymraeg:Saesneg).:

Our intention when starting out on this project was to create bilingual work reflecting a nation that has two official spoken languages; We also felt was the perfect medium for a play that talks about 'home'/'cartref'

We understood that this would present challenges in terms of accessibility for those non Welsh Speakers but the authenticity of the play necessitated it; Our main character is a first language Welsh Speaker, living in a Welsh Seaside town and the supporting…


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Welsh National Opera is looking for a male actor to perform in a new production of Verdi’s Macbeth this Autumn. This will be directed by Oliver Mears and conducted by Andriy Yurkevych.

Rehearsals start on 1 August 2016 at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff. Attendance will be flexible during rehearsals within the period 1 August to 26 August 2016, with calls being limited to a maximum of 4 sessions a week…


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WELSH NATIONAL OPERA - Male Actors required for covers/understudies in Kiss Me Kate

Welsh National Opera is looking for two male performers to participate in a new production of Cole Porter’s Kiss me, Kate this Autumn. We are looking for covers (understudies) for the roles of Harrison Howell and Harry Trevor/Baptista.

Cover rehearsals will be between 19 September and 15 October at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff, and on tour in Liverpool and Bristol.…


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When Evil Calls Your Name.

Hello All,

I have recently finished recording the audiobook When Evil Calls Your Name and I have 3 free copies available to review.

If you are interested in reviewing When Evil Calls Your Name it would be very helpful to the promotion and very much appreciated!

To find out more about the book please follow this link;…


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Before I Leave .. I'd just like to say -

thanks for the memories!!

Now that our time in the Chorus for Patrick Jones' brilliant production is ended, one or two of us (you know who you are) are undoubtedly missing the 'roar of the grease paint, the smell of the crowd'. Yes, I know that's a misquote. I'm just lapsing for a nostalgic moment there into my former role as a ditzy older lady in an oversized green jumper ..

In the theatre itself I remember I was struck by the power of clothing, and body language, facial…


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Television opportunity

Hi all,

Heard about ITV and Channel 4 job opportunities. I'm just forwarding on - any questions go direct to ITV or Channel 4.

The ITV Apprenticeship Programme 2016 is OPEN for applications!  With loads of amazing opportunities in Cardiff, London, Manchester, Preston and Leeds, the choice is even greater. 


Information about all the apprenticeship roles are listed on the ITV Careers…


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National Theatre Wales are working with partners in England and Scotland to bring an exciting, UK wide theatre project for Summer 2016.  The Welsh part will be taking place in BANGOR, ABERYSTWYTH, SWANSEA and surrounding areas. The project will lead up to a one-off, large-scale event directed by an award winning team, marking a moment in national history. And it’s going to be EPIC! …


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Interview with Megan Doherty discussing her show 'The Girl who won't grow up', role models and underage drinking!

Forked Theatre were lucky enough to have Megan Doherty as our first guest interviewee on our 3rd ever podcast. Megan responded to a blog post discussing the idea of growing up and the pressures that are bestowed on us from our 30's to conform to particular ideals. I'm still learning...but it's well worth sticking with it because Megan is the best interviewee a woman could ask for! …


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An incredible week on This Incredible Life

Canoe started their first week of rehearsals of Alan Harris’s play This Incredible Life last Monday and as we go deeper into the fantastical world of Nin Timmons, it’s good to look back at the journey we’ve made so far.…


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Over 30? Who says we should grow the f*ck up?

Hi All, 

I have written a blog about being a thirty something non-grown-up!..http://wp.me/p77g4X-K. This is part of a page called Forked Theatre that I've created with two others to share female experiences we all face at different junctures in our lives...it's an open space for women (and men) to talk about any issues specific to women and feminism more broadly...you can find us at …


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NTW Before I Leave @ Sherman Theatre

Hi all!

You have just three more chances to go see the brilliant play about dementia "Before I Leave". I have written a short post about it on my personal blog, so if you're interested, click here!

The show runs until tomorrow 11 June and we have a performance tonight (7:30pm) and two tomorrow, including a Captioned and Audio described matinee…


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The Ladies - Part Two - NTW TEAM

Last night I met with The Ladies of Mother Courage's community ensemble at the Guest Keen Club in Merthyr for our second session of R&D which explores the issue of Welsh women affected by domestic violence.

When I arrived the group were rampantly gassing (words chosen for you ladies) about Before I Leave, National Theatre Wales' current production that sees a group of people in Merthyr come together in a choir for individuals living with dementia and Alzheimer's. With the…


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Fancy a Nordic LARP?


So larp stands for Live Action RolePlay.

I'm trying to spread the word about and recruit interested players for some Nordic larps, to be played in South Wales. These kind of larps are played in black boxes (or studio spaces) with very little props, no costume and a set-up/narrative that's much closer to reality than your regular…


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Feel Good Friday

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Those are the most famous words from one of sports most charismatic players.

Cassius Clay or as the world now know him ... Muhammad Ali.

As I write this today I reflect on 2016 so far and see the greatness that has been lost and think heaven must be looking pretty damn good right now with all the great people there.

And as many of us may take inspiration from Ali's most famous words I have chosen a quote from him which isn't as… Continue

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Before I Leave - A View from the Wings 4

Thursday matinee was always going to be special.  Patrick Jones wrote the play based on his work with the Cwm Taf Choir in Merthyr.  He had taken their stories, their concerns, their struggles with an uncomprehending world, and put them into Before I Leave.  Now the members of the choir were sitting in the Sherman foyer and the cast was in the audience. It couldn’t be anything other than moving and inspiring.  I noticed some things my character has tried to do on stage, such as getting help…


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Slam Wrecsam - participants callout

Hello all,

I'm working on a new project with Literature Wales and Wrecsam County Council called Slam Wrecsam. If you, or anyone you know might be interested in attending some free spoken word workshops give me a shout?

Two of the groups are sorted, this call-out is for sessions that will be run in Splash Magic, Plas Madoc, nr Wrecsam.




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Day 3 Artist Residency

Four Brothers


Carmen Medway-Stephens

Day three.

Today I learn of my Grandfathers heroic act to save his plane from a nose dive after hit by fire and shrapnel. Arrive to flare path with 15 minutes of fuel left...

Tough writing ahead,

Sharing of new work this Friday at Carnegie House, 7pm…


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