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The search is over!

The search for twelve members of Russian society in 1895 (with a hint of 1966, a sprinkling of Wales and a dash of London - more about that in a later update) is over!

At the end of last week at the National Theatre Wales offices, we all met as a group for the first time. I must admit I was a little nervous. My brief had been to find twelve individuals with a Russian feel who could represent people who would live in the town, people who would live in the country, workmen, Bourgeois members… Continue

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Cast your vote for the next 'Assembly' - West Wales

Vote for your favourite idea:


The new National Theatre Wales democratically elected ‘Assembly’ was launched at the turn of the year.  After an amazing voting period for Assembly 1 which was delivered last week we are now asking for you to vote for your favourite of two ideas from West Wales.

We need a winner!  Check out the two ideas: …


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The Musician - A New Musical

The Musician FB Page

Writers Dai Smith and Allyson Summerhayes have combined their talents in writing this fantastic new musical. Script writers Richard Burman and Stefan Pejic are very excited to be onboard with this project which will hopefully be staged to some degree this year. Have a 


and please leave a comment we would love feedback and your thoughts on…


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Pinocchio - Bravissimo

Okay, okay - it's a long time coming.  But for those of you who saw or worked on Pinocchio - …


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Looking for a Voice

I am looking for someone to do a voice over but I am looking for something specific:

- must be a Welsh speaker

- must have a voice considered to have 'warm tones'

- a Canadian or East of USA accent

- mature tone of voice

- can be male or female

It's tall order I know...but can someone help me?

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Top of the Hour: National Theatre Wales' micro radio drama.

Top of the Hour by Cpaskell

At the end of 2011, National Theatre Wales produced a micro comedy drama, broadcast on BBC Radio Wales as part of a review of the year programme called, The Year That Was. The programme broadcast on New Year's Eve 2011 and looked at National Theatre Wales' first year shows as well as the second year of shows ahead…


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Opening night!

So tonight is the opening night for Act One's production of King Lear! It all feels a little surreal at the moment - for so long Madi and I have been in charge, and now it's all down to our cast and crew. It's like being on a roller-coaster that has started moving. You're strapped in and there's not a heckuva lot you can do...

We're trying to blitz some last-minute promotion. The work we've done so far it seems to have paid off. Tonight is sold out completely, and the other…


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New to this!

Well, I'm extremely new to this! 

Attended an Ensemble meeting Friday for 'A Provinicial Life' NTW17, and was told about the good old NTW community! :) NTW17 is the first project of NTW's that I have been involved in and I am so so excited! Met the rest of the ensemble and the NTW team Friday and everyone seems so lovely, helpful and positive! Really looking forward to working with everyone on this incredible project! :)

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Scala Film Team scoop PICS 2012 awards! watch Y Lle, S4C Thursday 2nd Feb at 6.30pm

Scala Film Team members Euan Miller, Oshan Bennett & Steven Moore won BIG prizes on Saturday night at the glittering PICS 2012 Film Festival Award Ceremony.

left to right - Euan…


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Creative Meeting at Barnabas Arts House

Tuesday 31st January Barnabas Arts house is having an open meeting for anyone who wishes to do something creative in Newport and doesn't have a space or the atmosphere in which to do it.

I recently discovered this building in Newport and it's fantastic!

A renovated church Barnabas Arts House boasts; A Cafe, a Gallery, Artist Studios, and underneath it all is located an awesome miniature theatre! Complete with stage. This space doubles up as a bespoke…


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The Kiln - Volcano scheme to support young and emerging artists

Volcano are launching a new scheme for supporting young and emerging artists and companies. Have a look at the link below. The scheme is open to all performing / live artists and companies based in Wales especially those living and working in South / West Wales. Applications will be accepted from 1st February. 



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Publicity photos

Just a few publicity photos from rehearsals.... Two days to…


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Lear - three days to go...

Three days to go! Awesome rehearsal yesterday - the music is really complimenting the action well, and the guys' characterisations are pretty much spot on. Everyone's really excited for the opening night on Tuesday, and it's great to be sorting out the lighting effects. The strobe was collected today, which should add a lot to the storm scenes and the climactic final battle. The get-in is tomorrow - we'll have the set up finally. Having seen it build up in stages, it'll be great to see it…


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Pics Award evening

Well, today I'm going down to the Pics awards with the famous Film Team. I can't wait much longer! My friend that is nominated are Euan Miller, I wish him tremendous luck and I hope they win!

But I've been editing my latest film and I think it is going pretty well! There is a strong plot for once and the story line is funny and interesting. I'll post a link to it when it is finished.

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King Lear

Dear NTW Community,

Act One Drama Society is putting on a modern version of Shakespeare's King Lear. It starts next week (Tuesday) and is running until Sat 4th Feb, in the YMCA theatre, just off the Walk, in Roath. Act One is a primarily student based acting company, but is aiming to widen its appeal this year. Everyone is welcome. More information, including ticket purchase information on the King Lear event page (see my profile on NTW).



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I am now offering exclusive masterclasses in actor training, performativity, vocal coaching, technical theatre, directing and tutoring/teaching theatre and drama.

Contact me for a quote.



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first day of tech' The Echo Chamber with The Llanarth Group

A few thoughts and photos on the nature of the much (and unfairly?) maligned technical rehearsal - from today's tech' at Chapter.


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Getting in, getting ready - The Echo Chamber

The latest post about getting The Echo Chamber, a collaboration between Ian Morgan, Phillip Zarrilli, Peader Kirk and me, with design by Ace McCarron can be read at:


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National Theatre Wales in 20 years time?

Everyone at NTW has been thinking a lot about the future recently as we are about to embark on developing our next three-year plan.

In the summer of 2011 we asked TEAM members about their vision for NTW in 20 years time and much of this has already shaped our thinking. Here is a clip from what our performers (…


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With Contemporary dance theatre wales involved in a major olympic project,

the usual collaboration with RWCMD design students for alternative routes, has been cancelled

this year.


We have 2 MA design students and a small budget, if you have project that needs support between now and

July, let me know.





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