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Give us your feedback and you could win a prize!

We want your feedback! All of you! Please!

Our Community is now 5 Months old and has reached over 1000 members. And it's all been down to you. Thank you!

Our Launch Year Programme is about to be announced in 2 weeks and we want to ask all of YOU for YOUR feedback on YOUR own experiences of YOUR Online Community.

Your responses to our quick survey will really help to influence the development of the Online Community, including everything from the design to… Continue

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Problems signing out of this website?

I can't sign out!

Recently some people have had problems signing out of the National Theatre Wales community website (or "logging out", same thing). The problem: when you click Sign Out, it just remains signed in. If you have this problem, this post will probably help.

The problem is usually caused by old cookies. These are little text files saved locally on your computer which help to preserve your preferences between visits. To solve the problem, you can delete… Continue

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The accessibility of theatre...

In terms of my relationship to the theatre and performing arts I am a keen audience member as well as a theorist. I have a strong belief that theatre can be used not only as entertainment but also as a form of education and therapy. In my third year of my BA I did a lot of work on T.I.E and formed a group which toured schools for a term, we had a great deal of success with this project which aimed to use theatre as a tool to teach the curriculum, but also I think it had the effect of making… Continue

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WOW-ME "What's On Wales"

I have just started a "What's On" website for the arts in Wales ( http:/www.wow-me.co.uk/ ). The idea is to promote the arts in Wales and I need as much help as I can get. If you are involved with any venue or production company that doesn't have it's events listed on the site or if you would like to comment on the website, I would love to hear from you (all contact details are on the website).

Please visit the site and tell as… Continue

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Continuing his 5th Anniversary On The Edge season Michael Kelligan presents a brand new One-Man play. This time a full production direct from a Four Star performance at the Edinburgh Festival. Rhodri…

Continuing his 5th Anniversary On The Edge season

Michael Kelligan presents a brand new One-Man play.

This time a full production direct from a Four Star performance at the Edinburgh Festival.

Rhodri Miles

as Richard


By Gwynne Edwards

Directed by Hugh Thomas

"...An excellent performance that struggles to remove itself from the memory"

The Scotsman

Chapter, Cardiff Tue 27 Oct 8pm - £3 (on the door)

The Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea… Continue

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Emptage Hallett Agency are looking for a motivated, sociable individual to cover a maternity leave vacancy.

The ideal candidate will have:

* Experience of working in TV / film / radio / theatre production, an agency or casting director’s office

* Strong organisational, administrative and interpersonal skills

* Creativity and negotiating skills

* Discretion

* Attention to detail

* The ability to work under pressure to strict deadlines

Duties… Continue

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Kirsty Wilcox: Masters Thesis - Theatre & the World!

Dear All,

I've not blogged a lot on NTW, but been a silent observer of all the wonderful activity as I love chatter in social networks and love theatre from an audience perspective!

But tonight I received a friend request from a dear splendid and intelligent soul - Kirsty Wilcox. Kirsty has only been in Cardiff a few months and I met her rowing in a… Continue

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Cardboard Dad - on NOW!

Cardboard Dad opened at Sherman last week and after going to one of the first performances, I can wholeheartedly recommend it – it’s a beautifully written, funny, quirky piece.

Based around the idea from America, where families can order ‘Flat Daddies’ when their loved ones are away on duty with the army (Google it – the pictures are weirdly fascinating!), Cardboard Dad is the story of Donna, who after receiving her ‘Cardboard Dad’, finds her life turned upside down.

As an… Continue

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Stage Combat BADC CErtification Course





For absolute beginners or those with no previous qualifications – Rapier and Dagger, Small sword and Unarmed



For those with current Level One qualification, lapsed Level Two or those taking their Level Three course. Broadsword,

Quarterstaff, Rapier and… Continue

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Five People - The Video Diaries


I've used the monologues from my short play, SEVEN PEOPLE, to make an experimental video diary-themed short film, FIVE PEOPLE.

Five People from Neil B on Vimeo.

Please view and comment. All comments, no matter how short, would be welcome. This is an experiment!

Be warned, the monologues contain some strong language,… Continue

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Site maintenance: may be some glitches

Hi everyone. Just a quick note to say we're tinkering under the hood here at nationaltheatrewales.org - and you may find the site goes offline now and again - please bear with us!

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Update. Wardrobe Diaries nears the end of our tour.

Last Wednesday’s show in the Weston Studio was fantastic, performed with energy and perfection of timing by cast & crew. I had my first experience doing the old post show discussion with the director which was a much easier ride than I had built it up to be. Also, Bridie and I were told that Citrus Arts have been selected to be one of the WMC Incubator companies for new work development, and a… Continue

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the ever-expanding compendium of mini-works

I don't know if you've found the treasure trove lurking in the writers pages yet. If not, go and have a nose because it's time to ask some questions of the wider community. Whatever your specialism or generality, whether you are [in strictly alphabetical order or remix thereof] an actor, audience, designer, director, etc, style-guru, writer or your-name-here your ideas and opinions are actively sought.

At the NTW on-line community meeting on Saturday there was quite a discussion around the… Continue

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Cardboard Dad at Sherman

Hello, just a reminder to say Cardboard Dad is on at the Sherman from this Thursday (Oct 15) till the end of the month. Here's the link:


Many thanks, Alan x

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Community Workshop Day

In the interest in encouraging shorter Blogs - I wanted to quickly Blog to say thanks to everyone who turned up with such enthusiasm and commitment to our Community Workshop day yesterday. Thanks for giving up your Saturday to feedback on your use of this online community; what your likes are and how you think it could be improved. All your input was invaluable and gives us all food for thought for how we can continue to develop, improve and expand this online community - and provide… Continue

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What a difference a day makes.

Last Thursday I opened my new show "Something's Wrong with Abel" at Chapter, in front of an audience of folk who were kind enough to clap at the end of what I have to say was a rather "baggy" piece of theatre.

I know it’s profoundly unprofessional to talk disparagingly of ones own work but if it’s the truth, it’s the truth. And to be fair there were holes in that fist night big enough to park my Citroen in and that's a big car. It is of course quite normal to have a ropey opening show but… Continue

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News + 1

A couple of new versions of Cameron's speech to the Constant Pastime Confrontation in Manchester using different types of random noun generation. hope you enjoy this as much as i did!

A brief explanation of how this works - take a text, plug it into a random noun generator - all the nouns are then replaced by the one 7 nouns further on in the dictionary, or 1 further on , or 15 ... etc.

so the first text is an edit from noun +1,noun+7 and noun+9. the second text is noun+15… Continue

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Slung Low Presents: Beyond The Frontline

Beyond The Frontline is Slung Low's latest extravaganza. It is an immense outdoor installation about fallen soldiers and has now officially kicked off at The Lowry in Salford after some excellent previews. It is press night tonight, so hopefully I'll have some reviews for you soon, but the show runs three performances per night right up until the 17th October. It really is a cracking piece by all… Continue

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