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"Vanishing No. 7" Revisited! - a retrospective blog of The Next Step's next step;

This has been a very exciting few months for us at The Next Step Drop In Theatre Workshop in Pontypridd.

We started on our Nights Out project, supported by TEAM, back in January.

The idea was to promote our Theatre Workshops and the work of The Next Step Drop In as a centre for information and support for people with issues around substance misuse. We aimed to do this by raising awareness with a theatre event, whilst giving our service users and volunteers a chance to develop…


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To Mother Courage With Love...


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Mother Courage and Her Children: Hannah Nelms

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Job Opportunity, Executive Director (part-time)

Youth of Creative Arts is seeking to appoint an experienced and motivated Executive Director.


This is a great opportunity for an ambitious individual to help develop a company which already has a significant track record in delivery and now wishes to build up a more robust and flexible suite of working practices.


We already have funding for two projects and are…


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Job Opportunity - Seeking a CSM #ntwbackstage

Location – Cardiff and Aberdare

Dates - 

Monday 8th June Rehearsal start in Cardiff

Monday 22nd June Tech rehearsal on site in Aberdare

Saturday 27th June Previews start

Tuesday 30th June Press night

Wed 1st July – Sat 11th July – Performances

Sun 12th July – Get out/Returns (if needed)

Production - {150}

Information - Wales' two national theatre companies - National Theatre Wales and Theatr Genedlaethol…


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NEW 8 Week Improv Comedy Course (Cardiff)

Time passes and calls for more improv comedy.

There is limited amount of this marvellous art form in Wales in general. Offering more improv comedy is a great idea, I think.

For all walks of life, improv will offer a development in confidence, communication and spontaneity. A common phrase is all actors need to be improvisers, but not all improvisers need to be actors. The task to act in some styles of improvisation would be odd... think of some well known names…


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Ted Bundy - Greg Wohead

Mr Greg Wohead is doing a show called the Ted Bundy project in Chapter Arts centre 29th - 30th May.

Myself and Justin Cliffe travelled all the way to mighty mighty Bristol to see it last year as part of Mayfest and we loved it. We also had a awesome night out after, it was a blinder, we snuck in clubs, drank tequila and had a good old time, so good I have a receipt from the night on my memory wall.

If you would like to…


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Fear, Risk and a Small Suitcase.

Having a little kitchen-cup-of-tea freak out. 

I’ve just come back from a week's Wales Lab supported research and development of a new show with three…


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Return of the BIG open space cowboy

Here's a few photographs of my last trip to Patagonia where I assisted the JOIO crew on the film that will form part of {150} and be broadcasted in full on S4C. Hopefully you caught their recent excellent series 'Tir' that was born out of the theatre show 'Tir Sir Gar' for Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru?…


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The Spirit of London - news update

Bit more news on my next ghost novel for children The Spirit of London (see earlier blog post): the front cover and further information are now online at www.robkeeley.co.uk.  The book will be published in September (though it will likely be available online sooner). 


I'm still keen to hear from any children's/family writers/theatre practitioners keen to network on here. 



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The show is closing in!

Rehearsals tonight... whoop, whoop, whoop. I cannot wait for the excuse to brake the monotony and the deadlines. A lot of me wishes that the there were no swearing in the show, as I would be there most days, with my two year old, pretending I did this for a living. But where would the show be without the profanities? Not in Merthyr Tydfil I can tell you... he he he. In fact, It is this aspect of the show that has struck me from the start. It's loyalty to the cause!

As a member of the…


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TEAM Tickets to watch Mother Courage and Her Children


We are excited to be offering FREE tickets for TEAM members to come along and watch National Theatre Wales's upcoming production Mother Courage and Her Children on the following dates:

Thursday 7th May - 7:30pm

Friday 8th May - 7:30pm

We'd love to hear what you think of the show and all we ask in return is that you can blog about the show on community! Also you can use the hashtags #ntwMother & #ntwTEAM to share your…


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Wild - a Musical Theatre Happening!

An invitation to be a part of The Unknown Theatre Company's musical theatre happening. Grow Wild is a Kew Gardens, site specific project in and around the Adamsdown, Cardiff area. Directed by James Williams with choreography by Iain Payne this will be an intergenerational project. We would like to welcome interested performers to come along to the first rehearsal on Sunday 3rd May 4 till 7 p.m at Roath Church House.. Come and see what it is all about!

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Talking to lots of people about Brecht... Awesome!

Over the last few days I've been speaking to lots of people in Merthyr about Mother Courage.  And I'm pleased to report that there's a lot of excitement building!

On Friday I visited an A level English Lit class at The College Merthyr Tydfil to have a chat to the students.  We talked about complex characters and writers who don't give us the easy option of either liking or hating a character but instead give us reasons to do both and allow us to come to our own judgement.  This is how…


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Mogadishu Blues

First full day of rehearsal today on a new project, for Tent of Xerxes.

The Body of an American, by Dan O'Brien, tells the story of the friendship formed between the author and the Canadian war reporter Paul Watson. Watson took the famous, Pulitzer Prize-winning photo of a Somali mob…


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Gladiator by Laurence Allan -

ChainWorks Productions first full Welsh tour of GLADIATOR  has hit the road at the Coliseum, Aberdare and is now at the Gates of the City and ready to unleash hell. Chapter Arts Centre welcomes the Valleys on 29th and 30th April at 8.00pm. 

We bring with us cliches, stereotypes and a bloody big skip to bury them in. We bring with us a stellar cast and a bloody good story and of course a couple of tracks by the Stereophonics and a load of T shirts and tattoos.

We are…


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Who should I/You/We vote for?

I have seen a few of these posts getting a lot of attention on Facebook and what I find most interesting is the difference of voice and opinion. So I wonder what people of this community think and I'd love to learn something new and make the right choice .

Almost every morning I wake up knowing with certainty who I am going to vote for, usually by the evening my mind is change. For me it is a choice between Plaid and Labour (I'd love to think I could vote Green but I dont…


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Mother Courage Rehearsals

Lets have a go at my first ever blog then...........

I joined the ensemble for Mother Courage to take myself out of my comfort zone.  I love acting, singing and dancing and have just finished in the production the The Wedding Singer - The Musical.  But this was something different I thought, and my gosh was I right.  Its a tad bit crazy lol.......... but I am crazy too so its all good.  Watching the pro's acting the first time I went to rehearsal was amazing.  I admire every single…


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An average Friday as a DSM



Prep paperwork on the train

Set up rehearsal room

Have a tidy up

Cast arrive

Chat with Equity - I volunteer as the Equity Dep

Chat with CSM regarding production week schedule

Rehearsals start

Due to the weather and an event at the labour club I have to reschedule the day so two actors can go to the labour club in the morning instead of this afternoon. It's a split…


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