What is our dream for theatre in Wales over the next ten years?

Hi everyone, 

Here’s a list of the 70 conversations that were called on Sunday. Several merged, lots evolved into something different and some never happened because people were pulled in other directions. 

If you’ve got notes in your bag, on your phone or in your head, you can still email them to us, until the end of the week, and we’ll include them here and in the report we’re compiling right now. That report will be bilingual and include some reflections and plans from Kully and the NTW team. Bear with us, it's a lot to translate and digest so we’ll share that in the coming couple of weeks.

Want to continue a conversation or start putting ideas into practice? Let us know if we can help; by linking you up with the author or a particular session, amplifying your shout-out for collaborators, hosting you in our meeting room, or something else entirely. 

There are still some really vital sessions without notes so please send them to: creativeconversation@nationaltheatrewales.org

Mawgaine x



How do we support our out-of-work practitioners?

What not to do to the Deaf! Access.


How should portfolio companies engage with fringe companies?


Theatr Gen and NTW – one company with both budgets?


Where is the midscale work?


How do we want our theatre to be seen internationally in the next t...


Producers 2029


Platforms for performance and networks between venues.


What does it mean to be Welsh in 2019?


How do we meaningfully and realistically engage with audiences (dev...


This room is really white.


How can theatre help people and communities to achieve their potent...


Experimental, radical and like something I’ve never seen.


What is the role of the playwrights and is there a route from amate...


Where have all the audiences gone?


Welsh language theatre – preservation vs evolution


Working parents – what do we need to be able to work?


What is a Welsh story?


In 2029 do we still have to define theatre as one only art form?


Young people as theatre makers and audiences.


Rural voices in Theatreland.


Theatre and environment: What do we make when the world is dying?


Theatre and sustainability in the next ten years.


We need to stop apologising for being Welsh.


How can we tell stories that make all people want to go to the theatre?


Let’s stop making theatre for ‘theatre people’ and start making the...


Equality, yes, but are the white men ready for a pay cut?


How can we support each other, rather than compete?


How do we make theatre more accessible to blind and visually impair...


No longer emerging. What next?


Local theatre in the Valleys – saving the local community centres.



Touring theatre is broken. How do we fix it?
Do people want to go to theatre? Netflix is £5.99 a month.


Playwrighting is dead. Long live playwrights.


Dwi isho gwitho da pobol anhebyg ifi.

I want to work with people dissimilar to me.


Where are the next generation of disabled performers coming from?


2029 Arweinwyr Celfyddydol wedi ei hyfforddi yma.

2029 Creative leaders who’ve been trained here.


North Wales?


Digital theatre – the future?


Arts on prescription – positive or damaging?


Public arts funding is dead. Where next?


Should the state fund the arts?


How can more established artists pass on the baton to the next gene...


Queer Theatre?


How do we create work that isn’t tokenistic for under-represented groups?


When will there be a Welsh Artistic Director of a major theatre?


Playwriting is dead. Long live the playwrights.


Old people, young people - theatre as a bridge?


How do we make theatre more accessible for new theatre artists and theatre practitioners?


Sustainable backstage careers
All who get it made should be fairly paid.
Volunteering / unpaid work and class.


How can we create a culture of timely and honest feedback and criti...


“Children need theatre as much as they need fresh air” Philip Pullman. Discuss.


Wales & artistic excellence.


What would we want from a theatre festival – as makers, audiences a...


What does NTW getting right look like in 2029?


Dissolve the arts council and start again?


Opportunity for emerging creatives over next ten years.


There is plenty of indoor theatre. We need more outdoor theatre.


Put Wales on the map. Its multicultural. Its people. Cast in Wales. Crew in Wales.


Do the people outside this room really care about theatre.


How to support / survive as a theatre artist in Wales?


Should we pay any more attention to squabbling artists than to squabbling politicians?


Whose job is it / whose do we want it to be to develop playwrighting in Wales?


How can theatre help people who don’t know it can help them / don’t know anything about theatre?


Lle mae gogledd Cymru? Cwmni theatr a cwmni tren?
Where is North Wales? Theatre company and train company?


How might digital advancements change the identity of theatre?


A fringe festival on the West end of Wales?

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